Friday, August 30, 2013

Meditation Reflection

On August 5, 2013, people around the world including myself joined Oprah & Deepak for a 21-day meditation journey. The 21-day challenge was geared towards Miraculous Relationships. This is my second 21-day challenge that I have participated in with the duo. The first encounter, I experienced was interesting because I did not know what to expect. In the beginning, when I decided to embark on this journey I was clueless. My mind would wonder off and I could not focus because of activity around me. During the process nothing was clear so I did not gain much from my first encounter.

When I received the email months ago about the upcoming challenge I wanted to see if I could take on the challenge for its entirety. In addition, I wanted to see how far I have come on my own and if I would have a different outcome than my previous encounter. I was curious to see if I had finally cleared out the distractions in my mind.  

Throughout the years, I have concentrated more and have taken the time out to study meditation and the various ways meditation can be achieved. The process is a continuous journey in itself because you are always finding new things out about yourself. Your focus points become clearer and you learn how to wean out all the distractions so that divine connection can be achieved. Once that connection is achieved, it is a peace you constantly seek.

During the 21 day guided meditation with Oprah & Deepak participants were given a Centering Thought to focus on, a Sankrit mantra and a Mindful Moment to reflect on at the end of each meditation.  In addition, we were given the choice to journal our thoughts down on our experiences. Even though I did not participant in the journaling (I am not a big fan of journaling my thoughts) I was mindful of my experiences and did my best to apply what I meditated on for that particular day into my relationships. I noticed that within myself, I experienced new thoughts about my relationship with others. I was more conscious of how I interacted with others and how I reacted to things around me. I discovered and was reminded that everyone is not where I am in life, so I need to be more mindful and patient with others. I realized some people may never get to that point in life, and it could be because it is not what they are seeking and that is in fact, alright. Even though we all experience things in life, I learned I can be a listening ear and not take it upon myself to solve other people's problems or even to comment for that matter. At the end of the day, it all boils down to finding your peace of mind. I am already appreciative of where I am in life as well as appreciative to my family and friends that support me but by participating in this meditation challenge of Miraculous Relationships my sense of appreciation increased on the things I took for granted.  

The focus points of the challenge included:

·         Day 1~Miraculous Journey           
·         Day 2~Miraculous You
·         Day 3~Miraculous Nature
·         Day 4~Miraculous Self
·         Day 5~Miraculous Esteem
·         Day 6~Miraculous Magnificence
·         Day 7~Miraculous Being
·         Day 8~Miraculous Spirit
·         Day 9~Miraculous Illumination
·         Day 10~Miraculous Attraction
·         Day 11~Miraculous Appreciation
·         Day 12~Miraculous Dynamism
·         Day 13~Miraculous Awareness
·         Day 14~Miraculous Divinity
·         Day 15~Miraculous Reflection
·         Day 16~Miraculous Honor
·         Day 17~Miraculous Communication
·         Day 18~Miraculous Independence
·         Day 19~Miraculous Union
·         Day 20~Miraculous Forgiveness
·         Day 21~Miraculous Living
·         Day 22~Miraculous World

As the challenge came to an end, Oprah and Deepak SURPRISED us with a Day 22 challenge Miraculous World. With Day 22’s meditation, its focus was to expand the experience of love, peace, and well-beings everywhere.

I am excited to see when Oprah & Deepak will offer their next challenge. Next time I will post in advance and invite you to be a part of this phenomenal experience. It will give you a chance to experience how I am living, PEACEFULLY and once you find that peace, you will not allow anything or anyone to remove that from your life. It is always a personal choice.

As I closed out my challenge with the duo, I am reminded how far I have come on my journey to peace, love, happiness and living and loving my life. #LVNLFE

I hope you all find peace as well!!!


The spiritual world is the world that manifests as our everyday experiences of life.

~Deepak Chopra