Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Learning to Live a Better Way of Life; Old versus New

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Your life does not get better by chance it get better by change. ~
 Jim Rohn

Learning how to live a different life from your past can be daunting. There are many obstacles that can stand in your way if you let them. Your mind plays a big part in changing past behavior. Understanding why you are a certain way takes work, it is not something that will happen overnight. It takes time, sometimes even years and it is something that has to be worked on daily. It is a continuance. It is something you have to be conscious of. If you think you can change overnight you are off to a wrong start.

You must break down things from your past to get to the root of a problem and in some instances, one may have to reach out for help. It takes perseverance, dedication, and commitment. It has to be done for you and not others. If you find yourself trying to change for someone else, and not for yourself, it’s useless in all honesty. Doing so will only make you bitter later on down the road and you will eventually revert back to the person you were when you first started your journey.    
Changing for the better is something only you can make the decision to do, only you! Usually, we do not make the decision to change until something drastic happens in our lives. Let’s keep it real!  That is when we really take a look at our lives and say, do I want to continue down this path or do I want to make an attempt to live a better life. I mean, let’s think about it, when is enough, enough? We have to wake up one day and think, I need to change. My way or my old ways are not working for me. When we know better we should do better, right? At least, I, think so.

Whether, it is your health, an epiphany, a relationship turmoil, or a parental decision to be better, the decision for change is worth it as long as it is for you and solely for you.

I can remember when I use to give up cursing for my New Year’s Resolution or for Lent, I would not last more than a day. This went on for years. Shit, (oh there I go) shucks, let’s keep it real, I would not last no more than a couple of hours. A friend girl would call me and say something silly and foolish, and there I would go. Immediately I would say, “That’s why I can’t stop cursing.” It was not until a couple of years ago, that I finally made the decision to really try and stop cursing.

Another eye opening incident occurred when I once heard this woman curse this other woman out. The words that flew out of her mouth left me speechless. It was then I knew that this was something that I needed to continue to work on. The road has not been easy some days are so good and I do great. Sometimes, weeks go by and a curse word does not cross my lips. Other days, whew, let’s just say one friend said “I just sat there, amazed, I did not know. You look so quiet and reserved.” Lol, let’s not get it confused. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not something I am proud of but I was reared that way. What? I was. My family is filled with generations of cursers, on both sides. Now, does it sound like I had a chance? It just flows, naturally. I use to say, it’s part of my heritage, my DNA, my first language. It’s funny when I think about it but shameful at the same time. I am who I am and I will not apologize for being me, but I would like to be a better version of me, for my daughter, my grand-daughter and hopefully one day for my spouse.

How can we expect to teach others to change their ways, stop a bad habit, lying, cheating or whatever the case maybe that you are struggling with, if we are not leading by example? It is contradictory to our teaching for others.

I am a work in progress in all areas of my life. Each day I am determined, dedicated and committed to becoming a better person, for myself first and then for others. It is not until I acknowledged that I am changing for myself and myself only, that I will become a better person to and for others. Know that, as long as you are genuine about your motives and put in the necessary work for change there is HOPE!

Lastly, the FIRST STEP is always the hardest, but it is always worth it in the end!

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