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New Beginnings

From a Caterpillar to a Blossoming Butterfly is my journey through life in finding "ME." You might think, it took her this long to blossom, and that's when I'll tell you that my AHA Moment came to me when I reached 40...You see it has nothing to do with material possessions, but all to do with mental, emotional, and physical well-being. It's called a spiritual awakening, my PEACE from GOD...Some people NEVER get it, so let's just say it's better late than NEVER, I'm blessed to have found it!

My 1st AHA Moment as people call it came to me on December 1, 2011, when I turned 40 years old. It was a feeling that cannot be described but because I didn’t understand it, I let it pass me by.

My 2nd AHA Moment came to me at around 4 a.m. on July 8, 2013. The previous night, I had just read a newly created blog from a cousin in California displaying her creative spirit. In response to her blog I told her that in the past, I had created two blogs but never had the courage to publish them. I also stated that her blog might be my motivation to start my new journey of blogging. Reading her blog I felt an indescribable feeling to reach within myself and not only create a blog but to finally HIT the send button and publish it. Her creative spirit motivated me to reach within myself AND pull out what was deep down in my soul. It also helped me to realize those feelings of being let free was feelings I had been longing for. You see at this point in my life, I feel free as a butterfly, flying away to some place new in my life…experiencing all what nature has to offer...

In the midst of my tossing and turning on the morning of the July 8, 2013, I was thinking of names of what I could call my blog from a spiritual aspect. My creative mind was flowing with all kind of names. I tossed around several names in my head but none of them spark that fire in me and then for some reason (I now know that it was GOD, just keep reading) I thought about a caterpillar in its infancy and maturing into a blossoming butterfly. I thought that’s it “From a Caterpillar to a Blossoming Butterfly” will be the name of my blog. Again, I’m up at 3 or 4 in the morning tossing and turning, thinking I’m going to be one tired soul when my alarm goes off. Yet, I was excited as a kid in a candy store. The only thing was, I had thought of a name but hadn’t made the decision to move forward with it. You see I’ve always had a passion to write a blog but because of self-doubt, I’ve always backed out. Still undecided, my alarm went off and that’s when reality hit me, it was time to get ready for work.

From a Caterpillar to a Blossoming Butterfly was the name I had chosen for my blog. Even though I was still undecided of what I would do, I knew if I moved forward with the creation of the blog, at least I wouldn’t have to think of a name. For some reason, this particular name felt right, down in my soul but still in the back of my mind I was unsure of the name, self-doubt was rearing its ugly head once again. As my grandmother would say woe is me…Sigh… Eventually, I put that out of my mind and went on with my morning routine of getting dress for work. Honestly, the blog was out of my mind as my mood had swung into work mode.

Each day, before I get started with my daily work activities, I always prepare myself mentally for what’s ahead of me for that particular day. In doing so, I’m a big fan of Joel Osteen and read his Today’s Word every day.  That particular day, his message was “Be Transformed”.  As I started reading his message, I couldn’t believe what I was reading, my eyes widened, my mouth fell open and I was in complete shock! It was one of the moments when I had that “Shut the front door look on my face.” All I could say was OMG, no way, are you serious?  If I wasn’t at work, I would have screamed. You see, I stay praying and asking GOD for clarity, sometimes, I’m not always sure if I receive it BUT I can tell you that on this particular morning clarity is what I received…Read below:

“The word “transform” in the original Bible language is metamorpho. It’s where we get our word “metamorphosis.” When a caterpillar changes from a lowly worm into a beautiful butterfly, it is called a metamorphosis.
The caterpillar starts out as possibly one of the most unattractive insects. It’s very plain, nothing special about it. But God destined the caterpillar to go through a transformation. It goes from being one of the most ordinary creatures to one of the most beautiful. It no longer has to crawl on the ground — it is transformed into a beautiful butterfly.
Wow…Yes, close your mouth, I was just as shock as you are now…There it was in black and white, my confirmation of what I would call my blog. Now you tell me GOD ain’t good….and yes I meant to say “ain’t.”

So, now I can officially say, welcome to “From a Caterpillar to a Blossoming Butterfly”...Stay tuned… 

More interesting news about "D",

I'm an advocate for stalking victims; on second thought we are SURVIVORS... I founded a support group called Lend Ah Hand Stalking Support Group.