Stalking Contact

Lend Ah Hand Stalking Support Group

Phone Counseling
  • I have recently added phone counseling. If you are not ready to join a support group or if you are not in the Baton Rouge area just give me a call at ~ 225.366.7324.


  • It is important that I can be reached by various methods to ensure I reach as many survivors as possible. My dedication to helping other survivors is 100 percent. Through healing I realized it was no longer about me but about YOU...
Speaking Engagements
  • I'm available for speaking engagements to share my story and raise awareness worldwide. I speak at workshops, local communities, churches, universities, businesses, junior and high schools as well as organizations. If I have failed to mention any other type of businesses, no need to worry, just know that I am available.

    • Phone: 225.366.7324


  • I always check my email!

    • Questions? Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions...