Tuesday, March 24, 2015

4 Ways To Lift Your Spirits When You Feel Your World Is Caving In

Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher. Oprah Winfrey

Life presents many challenging times. During these times, we often become depressed, stressed, have anxiety, or our mood seems to go down for a period of time. It seems out of nowhere something is always occurring. It’s like after you tackle one challenge, BAM another one hits. Life as we all know it is turned upside down.

Do you have these same feelings?

Does it seem as if, once you tackle one challenge another one presents itself? 

While we can’t do anything about life’s ups and downs, we can find ways to lift our spirits to get us through challenging difficulties. Just because we are hit by unforeseen circumstances doesn’t mean we have to let it controls us. We can take control of our circumstance by channeling our energy in another direction. As Oprah Winfrey says “Challenges are gifts that forces us to search for a new centre of gravity. Don’t fight them. Just find a new way to stand.”

There are many different avenues that can be taken to lift our mood when we are feeling blue. As I stated, while we can’t change our situation we can change our perspective on how we view the situation. 

Our family, friends and/or co-workers can have a huge impact in our lives during these times. Take advantage of the people around you to help you get out of your funk. Trust me they would love to be there for you during these times. What a blessing it is to know that we have people around us that love and want to be there for us in our time of need. 

When I find myself in a funk I use all avenues to lift my spirits. I don’t know about you but I don’t like to be down. It happens because we are all human but that’s not in my personality. I do my best to get control of the situation as quick as possible. I know for others it takes them a little longer to get out of their solemn mood. I know it may seem hard to do but it can be done. Life is short as it is, so there is no reason to stay in a funk longer than necessary.

Here are 4 spirit boosters to help you climb out of your rut and get back to enjoying life: 

1.       A Girl’s Night Out - There’s nothing like a girl’s night out on the town. Sometimes we just need a listening hear to get us through tough times but don’t use the entire night. Discuss your issues and then let it go. Of course, a cocktail is in there somewhere, right? And, what about some good ole dancing? That always seems to do the trick for me. It’s nothing like being on the dance floor with your girls singing along to the music. I’m smiling now thinking of all the good times I’ve had on the dance floor with my girls, dropping it like it’s hot. (Don’t judge me, lol) The good ole’ days. Good spirit lifter. 

2.       Mac Lipstick or Your Brand - When I start feeling blah, I know just the solution to boost my spirits. I’m in love with Mac Lipstick’s, so I go and treat myself to a fresh new lip color. It seems to always do the trick for me. I then put my lipstick on and take a picture. Diva in action. Yes, werk it!

3.       Road Trip – Call up a few girlfriends and arrange a road trip. A quick weekend getaway is just want the Doctor ordered.  It doesn’t have to be expensive. If two or more are going, just divide the cost. I love spontaneous outings when it’s within my budget. Yes, I do believe in budgeting. I do count my coins, as they say these days.

4.       A Night On The Couch – You might just want to settle with a night on the couch, with your girls, watching a movie and eating popcorn with of course, a bottle or two of wine. Whatever floats your boat is what matters. It’s always good to reminisce about good times and share laughs about all of the crazy things that happened when you were younger. Saying if I knew then what I know now, I never would have. You know that, never woulda, coulda saying. But of course we would have. That was our old free spirited days.

These are just a few of the spirit boosters that have worked for me in the past. Yes, everyone is different but at the same time we all want to enjoy life, be happy, and have a peace of mind. I want you to know we can have all of that regardless of challenging circumstances.  We just have to make the decision not to let our challenges in life keep us down. It’s all a matter of making a choice to move forward regardless of what is thrown at you.

Today, make a decision that regardless of what occurs in your life you will take advantage of the help that is available to you. Remember, that’s what the people in your life are for. They’re here to support and lift you up on your darkest days.

What are some of the things you do to lift your spirits?  

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