Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Don't Give Up, Keep Going, A Change is Coming

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The struggle you are in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow. 
Don’t Give Up ~ 
Anonymous, DON’T GIVE UP!

As I sit here typing this post, I think of all the times in the past I wanted to give up. Thank God, I did not. Just a couple of weeks ago I was in a bad place mentally. My mood was really one to be reckoned with. I did not feel like being bothered with anyone.
Coming to work was a hard task in itself. I really could not grasp what was going on. It really bewildered me because normally, I’m an upbeat person, love to get out and do things. However, doing this time all I wanted to do was stay in my bed. My co-worker was like, c’mon D what’s going on. This is not you; I want to see some lipstick on. I was not feeling any of it. Normally, I’m applying lipstick on throughout the day. This feeling went on for about a week and half.
Do you ever get this way?

Can you relate to this feeling or understand how I was feeling?

Even though, I had these feelings, I continued to press on. It felt as if I was just a walking zombie. I was here physically, but not mentally. It’s just a bad place to be in and one I’m not fond off.

From time to time life tends to have its ups and downs. When this occurs we often ask why such things are happening. We try to get a better idea of why is this happening to us.

What I have learned is we will not always know or understand why things happen the way that they do. What I know for sure is that trouble doesn’t last always. When we are faced with unforeseen circumstances that is our chance to cling closer to God and build a relationship with Him.

The devil cannot touch one of God’s children that have faith the size of a mustard seed. It’s been my experience that when difficult challenges come our way it’s God’s way of wanting to bring us closer to Him. To rely on Him. To trust in Him. He wants us to know he will never put more on us then we could handle.

Sometimes, we may feel that’s questionable. I know I’ve questioned this theory before. But, then I realize that through my trials and tribulations I’m still standing, so this theory has definitely proven to be true.
Just like once before when I was having feelings of uncertainty, standing in my bathroom, getting ready for work, the Holy Spirit came to me and whispered, “Don’t Give Up.” So I’m here to tell you despite what you are going through, remember this too shall pass, and Don’t Give UP!

The following week I was determined not to have the same week like I had the week before. I asked God to restore, revitalize and re-energize my spirit. He did just that. I started my workouts back and enjoyed feeling the wind running through my soul; it definitely did my body some good and definitely put me in a better state of mind. I also, had my lipstick back on and was in a better mood.
I share my stories about my life’s ups and downs, to encourage others. Despite motivating and encouraging others, I do experience emotional and spiritual struggles. It’s not always peaches and cream. The reason why I’m sharing this is because I want my readers to understand that the topics I choose to discuss are my life’s true experiences and I know other’s have gone or are going through these as well.  However, what we need to remember is this too shall pass…
Remember, DON’T GIVE UP…
Let’s chat:
What keeps you from giving up?
How do you encourage yourself, when challenges arise?
How do you keep your faith? 

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