Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My Love/Hate Relationship With Springtime

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Spring is the season for rebirth, renewal, and regrowth  ~ Anonymous

It’s that time of year again. Springtime has arrived and those same types of feelings have emerged all over again. It’s that feeling of hating to be inside when I love to be outside.

I was talking to someone the other day at work while we were waiting on the elevators. I could tell he was just returning from lunch. So, I asked him did he take a walk during lunch. He stated, he did and then said he had a love/hate relationship with springtime. It was in that instance, that I knew how he felt, and I could definitely relate to that relationship.
It was last year, when my love/hate relationship started with spring. That is also the time I started taking my blog serious. I believe it was spring of 2013 when I had My Aha Moment to start blogging. See my love for springtime is what inspires me. My hate for springtime is that I’m stuck in the office Monday-Friday during the prettiest hours. Do you feel my dilemma?
I was “in my feelings" (as they say these days) a couple of weeks ago. I knew something was transpiring because I started feeling down, not my usual self. I couldn’t put my finger on it until I walked outside at lunch and that’s when it hit me, its springtime. I had determined that being inside during the prettiest hours of the day was the cause of me feeling blue.
I hate to be inside during the springtime. I feel springtime is my most creative time and should be spent outside soaking in all of my creative juices. The nerve, right? Well, that’s my opinion, and I’m sticking to it. (lol)
In the building that I work in, many of us work in cubicles. Yes, you guessed it, no windows. Ah, the struggle is definitely, real. The minute the clocks strike quitting time and I step out of the building; it’s as if all the life comes rushing back to me. My mood is lifted, I’m re-energized and I start to feeling like myself. Breathe!
It’s amazing the effect springtime has on a person. You never realize your constraints during winter. Who cares if there aren’t any windows during the winter? It’s always cold and dreary looking, so windows aren’t a factor during the winter time. You can’t miss something you never had, right?
Oh, but springtime, you can definitely want for something you’ve never had. What I wouldn’t give to have a window to gaze out of to see the flowers blooming, watch the birds and let’s not forget listen to the birds chirping.  Are you feeling my pain?
Because I had such a hard time last year, here are a few suggestions you can do to shake off your springtime blues. You can also look at my previous post “It’s A Bummer Sitting in this Office All Day! Springtime Anticipation” to read more suggestions on what you can do to help you get through your springtime blues while you are at work.
1.       Take a break and sit outside while inhaling the sweet smell of blooming flowers. This requires no reading, no thinking, just enjoying the outside weather. Oh, such gorgeous weather. Such relaxing scenery. I’m starting to feel better already. It’s Springtime!
2.       Take a casual walk around the building and soak up some Vitamin D. This is your chance to get a little exercise in the mix. It’s nothing like walking leisurely to relax and regroup. Breathing in and out! Ahhh

3.       Set up a lunch date outside with a friend and catch up on the latest news in each other’s lives. It’s a great way to enjoy the outside weather while spending time with your bestie. Everyone has so much going on, so lunchtime is a perfect opportunity, short and sweet. 
These suggestions have truly helped me relieve my springtime blues. Of course, I would like to have more time during the day but the reality is bills have to be paid. If you are not in a position to find you another job that will allow you to spend more time outside during the spring, my suggestion to you is try some of my suggestions. I’m sure you will find something that will work for you and keep you sane during your work hours.

What do you do to relieve your springtime blues while you are at work?
What do you enjoy about the spring?

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