Tuesday, July 7, 2015

In a League of YOUR Own

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Freedom is control in your own life ~ Willie Nelson

Do you base your decisions on other people’s opinions? Or are you confident enough to rely on your own intuition and make decisions for your life?

Being in a league of your own allows you to set your own standards for your life. Needing validation from others is no longer an issue once you’ve determined the league you are in. Meaning, are you living on someone else’s terms or your own?

According to Oxford Dictionaries being in a league of your own has several meanings. One meaning stated “a class of category of quality or excellence.” Essentially, it means no one can compare to your life. It’s not being conceited or thinking you are above anyone else. It means you are confident to branch out and do your own thing, hence being in a league of your own.

Many times in life we ask the opinions of others and feel compelled to follow their advice even though it’s not the best decision. It’s not until we become older that we are wiser to know, we can ask the opinion of others but we don’t have to feel compelled to go with their decision. It’s just always good to hear other’s point of view on a subject to help us make a wiser decision.

Sometimes people become upset because someone ask their opinion but then don’t take their advice. Just because someone ask your opinion and don’t take it, it’s not the end of the world. There’s no reason to throw your hands up with that person. I truly believe that if a person values your opinion and ask you your thoughts that they respect what you have to say. Your opinion could truly assist them on making the right decision for their life. If they don’t take it, it’s nothing personal. It could be it’s not the right decision, regardless of how you feel. It doesn’t mean it wasn’t good advice. It just didn’t align up for that particular scenario. There’s nothing more or less to the situation.

In life we need to be mindful that people have to make their own decisions whether good or bad. In the end whatever the outcome is, a lesson will be learned. Now whether they will take heed to the lesson that was taught, that’s totally up to them. Ultimately, they will have to live with the outcome. Not YOU.

Remember that saying “we only can control things we have control over, anything else is not important.” Learning that we can’t control other people’s actions truly relieves a burden that has been place on some people’s shoulders. When we remove ourselves from other people’s business we simplify our own lives and that’s what it should be about. The term “less is more” can be contributed to many different scenarios in life, not just make-up, clothes or de-cluttering ones’ home. It can simply mean the less I know, the more I’m at peace.

So, that’s why I ask, are you in a league of your own, or are you living on someone else’s terms? This is truly something to think about.

Let’s chat:

Do you need validation from someone else before you make a decision in your life?

Why do you feel someone else’s answer will be the right answer for your life’s scenario?

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