Tuesday, November 17, 2015

3 Reasons You Should Be the Best You Can Be in Life

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You owe it to yourself to be the best you can possibly be. ~ Anonymous
Living to be the best you can be in life every day is challenging. Every day we are challenged about something and every day we have a choice to make on how we handle it. Truth be told, we blame our actions on other people’s behavior, when in fact we have control over how we react to things. It’s not always easy to respond to life occurrences the way God wants us to.

Every day, I ask God to help me to hold my tongue and make me conscious of how I handle things. Some days it works, and let’s just say, other days I’m a work in progress. As I’ve become older my focus has been geared towards being the best person God intends for me to be. It’s very challenging when you come across people that are not where you are in life. This is where your true test is. Will you pass or fail in trying to respond to a matter in the right manner?

I can remember one day when I was in the lobby for a stalking incident in court, there was this woman talking and laughing loudly on the phone. She was being disrespectful to say the least, cursing and just airing out all of her business. It truly was not the time or the place. A friend of mine and I were sitting there like, OMG, is she serious? We just shook our head in embarrassment. A lady meekly approached her and attempted to nicely and discreetly tell her that she was loud and to lower her voice. Well, let’s just say, the sh$$ (I’m a work in progress) hit the fan. I sat there in disbelief of how that woman cut up and cursed cussed that lady to no end. Later on we found out the lady that received the cursing was an attorney. I felt so bad for her, it truly was a disgrace. It also, reminded me to “mind my business.” I could have easily seen me going over there and telling her the same thing.

This incident made me look at myself, because before I went on my “trying to be a better me” person a couple of years ago, my mouth was filthy. I would never handle anyone like that but I would curse in conversation. Truth be told, I still have that mouth but I’ve suppressed it a whole lot. When I tell you “I” was embarrassed. I was like darn I sounded like that before. It really made me take a good look at myself and want to change even more. Even today, when I feel myself getting to a point of frustration, I think about that woman and how ignorant she behaved. Sometimes, it takes the behavior of others, to show you, yourself in some aspect.

Deciding to change and actually taking the steps to become a better person will not happen overnight. Change is work. Making the decision to let go of ways you’ve had your entire life is not easy but will be worth it in the end. Here are the three reasons I decided it was time I should be the best that I can be:
1.       God – Even though I know God loves us unconditionally and without judgment, I know he wouldn’t be please with my behavior. Making God proud of me in every area is my focus today. Every day is not easy but I know me taking the steps to become a better me is what God is proud of. It’s the act of admitting and putting forth the effort that he is looking act.

2.       Myself – When we are younger and don’t know any better, we pick up behavior that is not pleasing to the eye. When we become older and more in tuned with life and how we should be living we should want to take the necessary steps to do so. Speaking for myself, I wanted to know that I had the power to change my life. Every day my goal is to be better than I was the day before. Some days are better than others. Being truthful with myself allows me to breathe and know that I’m only human and it takes one day at a time.

3.       Family – I have my daughter and younger cousins that look up to me. Knowing that I’m a role model to them is important to me. If I’m not working on myself and setting a positive example to them, then I’m not doing my Godly duty. I cannot tell them not to do something and I am. That is not leading by example. As a cousin, my duty is to lead them down the right path as best as I can. Ultimately, the choice is theirs but I must lay the foundation to help them. This is a role I take seriously so therefore, I have to make sure I’m living my life in a manner that is suitable to their eyes as well as others.

When we decide to change our lives for the better, literally all hell breaks loose. Things start to happen to discourage you and keep you in your old ways. I’m telling you from experience, do not let that hinder you from becoming the best you can be. Do not let anyone tell you, you’ve been that way all of your life, so why do you care now. Remember, you are becoming a better person for God, you and your family. There will be naysayers, so be ready but don’t focus on the negative. Go forth in believing in yourself and what you can do for your life.  What’s most important is that you make yourself proud in who you are and the person you are setting out to become.

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