Tuesday, November 24, 2015

It's Important to Give Compliments for These 3 Reasons

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Sometimes just a little compliment can makes someone’s entire day. ~ Anonymous
There’s nothing like passing by someone and offering a kind word. Whether it’s a compliment on their appearance, such as clothing attire, shoe game, hair, nails or something else that caught your attention, sharing with them that you admire something about them or on them goes a long way.

We are living in a world that constantly seeks out negativity. Saying something negative or throwing a jab has become the new normal. This is so sad! We should be living to lift one another up, not tear them down. It’s very rare, that you hear someone offer a genuine compliment to someone. It’s pretty petty, that some people don’t give compliments because they don’t want the other person to know, they truly have it going on. So when others in a circle, tell someone, they like what he or she is wearing, they sit lurking in silence. Can I say Petty Betty?

I’m in the business of building others up. So when I see something I like, it’s nothing for me to tell that person. If I really like what I see and can see myself wearing it, I have no shame in asking them where they bought it. Some people will not even tell you where they purchased an item. It amazes me how petty some people are, like, they only made that item specifically for them. Chile, please, BYE FELICIA! I would think a person would be flattered that someone has admired something about them and share with that person where it was purchased. Sadly, this isn’t the case all the time.

The other day, a friend girl and I were at a store browsing around before we went to a Cancer Fundraising event. We noticed this petite lady walk through the door and admired her shape. I’m into toning, so I immediately notice people and their fitness level. My friend girl is into losing weight, so she’s always commenting on her weight goal. As we were browsing, the lady walked by us and we both before we noticed said excuse me, but we just want to say “you look good, girl you have it going on.” She blushed and said thank you.

As we were leaving the store, she came back to us and said, listen, I just want to say, "thank you very much." You just don’t know what that did for me. She said I just moved down here from Detroit and my friend girls are all telling me I need to put some meat on my bones, you are too little to be living down here. She said it really started to give her a complex and all. We assured her there was nothing wrong with her weight and that she looked good. As I stated in the third paragraph, I don’t mind asking a question, if I want to know something. I asked her if you don’t mind how old are you? I thought she was about to say 30ish or something. Well, she shut us both up. She had just turned 50 years old a couple of days before that. We were both like no ma’am, stop lying. We said girl, what is your remedy, what are you doing? We all laughed and talked for a moment and then parted ways.

You never know what a person is going through in life, nor do you know if the words that come out of your mouth give life or cause death. At all times, we have to be careful of the things we do and say. Realizing the impact our words can have is important. We should always speak life and give compliments when the time is warranted.  Here are three reasons it's important to give compliments:

1.       Builds Confidence – Giving compliments builds a person’s confidence. It lets them know something they are doing in life is right. It could be the smallest of compliments to you BUT it could be the biggest one for them. It could be the determining factor if that person continues on in life and achieve goals.

2.       Brightens Someone’s Day – Giving a compliment or two puts a smile on someone’s face. We are faced with trials daily in life and sharing a kind word goes a long way. We should be in the business of putting smiles on one another’s face not the other way around. There’s nothing to gain from putting someone down or saying a mean word but there’s everything to gain from giving a compliment.

3.       Sends Positive Vibes – There’s enough negativity going around but not enough positivity. Giving compliments is sharing positive vibes into the universe. By encouraging people to give one another compliments, we are making the world a better place. There’s nothing wrong with being positive. We should all be in the business of lifting one another up and sharing positive vibes.

Life is too short to keep our compliments for others to ourselves. If someone has it going on tell them! What harm will it do if you part your lips and say a kind word? I can tell you what harm it will do, not a darn thing. Stop being selfish or not wanting others to benefit from a kind word that you have to say. I know you like to receive compliments so therefore, give compliments. You shouldn’t be in the business of always receiving them and not giving them. There’s a rule by virtue and it’s called reciprocity; you have to give, to receive! That’s in all areas of life!

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