Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Knowing Your and Other People's Place in Your Life

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Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. ~ Aristotle

When we do not know our place in life, we allow all sorts of things to distract us. What I mean by this is that we allow others to mistreat us and we lose our focus on what’s important, US! Let me put it to you in another way, if YOU do not realize your worth, you will allow anyone to treat you however they feel.

The world is filled with all types of people. Some good and some bad. The way you are treated is the way you allow people to treat you. When we have friendships be them, casual, intimate, platonic, or however you describe the many friendships you have in your life you have to or at least you should have expectations of how that person should treat you.

People come into your lives to either be a blessing or a lesson. As the saying goes, “People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.” When we figure out which of these fit for each person that enters our lives, it allows us to know how we should handle this person and where do we go from here.

The various categories be it reason, season, or lifetime that one may enter our lives, has a huge impact on how our lives are shaped. When there is a reason, it means that this person entered our lives to teach us a lesson; whether it is a good or bad lesson is something you will have to determine. If it’s a season, it means this person is only with you for a short period of time and there should be some knowledge or wisdom that is taken from this relationship. A lifetime means a true and unbreakable bond has been formed and that person is with you for the long haul, through thick and thin.

Regardless of what stage a person has come into your life there will be or should always be something you have learned from that particular person. Understanding the various roles people play in our lives is essential for our growth.

The way we grow is that we know what to look for the next time someone crosses our path. We are more in tune with that persons character traits, behavior and how they interact and treat others. Sure people have bad days, but if they are consistent everyday with the same behavior nine times out of ten that is who they are. What I have learned throughout my lifetime, is that when a person shows you who they are, take it at face value.

When heartache is involved from a friendship perspective, the hurt is there and it can seem unbearable or irreparable. In all truth it can be mended if you feel it adds value to your life with communication and boundaries. If the relationship is an intimate one and the heartache is from someone that has taken advantage of you or mistreated you, there is a different perspective that needs to be addressed or looked at. Remember, there is always a lessoned to be learned and we have to look at it from all angles.

In all relationships we have to be mindful if someone is bringing something of value to the table. One thing, we have to look at is, are we both adding something to each other lives. This is important because, as a person we have to know where we are in our journey and if this person is worthy of traveling with us.

Speaking for myself, I am at a place in my life that if one does not add value, I do not have any time to entertain them. Let me provide some clarity to my statement, because there are people out there that may not understand what I mean and misinterpret my statement. I will discuss what I do not mean first. When I state adding value to my life I am not talking about people that are less fortunate, mentally challenge or anything that falls under that category. I am always available and take time out for people that are less fortunate. What I am speaking of is that if you are not bringing anything that is positive and constructive to me, the things that I am doing or trying to accomplish then there is no place for you in my life.

If I sound harsh, then forgive me, but I have entertained foolery for most of my life and where God has me today, I have no time for it anymore. You see when you know who you are and what you were put here to do, everything else becomes obsolete.  

If you have been struggling or have been put in a position to re-examine your life, take some time to do so, the reward is so much bigger when you realize your place in your life as well other people’s place in your life. The benefits far outweighs the risk of allowing people to enter your lives when deep down inside you knew or know that his or her motives are selfish and mean you no good!

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Are you tired of allowing people to come into your under false pretense?

What steps are you taking to determine if people are worthy of traveling along with you in the next phase of your life?

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