Tuesday, February 16, 2016

When Giving UP is NOT an Option

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Giving up is not an option-excuses are bridges to nowhere. 
Michelle Spalding

We all have times when we would like to give up in life for some reason or another. Maybe it’s the job, finances, children, relationships or another situation. Regardless of the situation that one is encountering we should NEVER let giving up be an option.

The easiest thing we can do when times get hard is to throw in the towel. The hardest thing to do is fight. While fighting may seem like it is the hardest when all we want to do is give up it is actually the easiest.

Have you lost the fight in you?

We all have fight in us to strive or to be better. The same fight we exercise in life on other matters is the same fight we should use when times seem unbearable. It is the fight in us that allows us to keep going and not give up.

It is that drive in us that tells us to keep moving better times are up ahead or on the way. The way I see it is that we have to keep our faith no matter what situations we face in life.

So you see, faith by itself isn't enough. Unless it produces good deeds, it is dead and useless. James 2:17

Faith allows us to know and believe that better days are ahead and all we have to do is keep fighting, keep moving and keep pressing on. By pressing on and believing better days are head we know we will get through anything that we are dealing with. You see while it may seem gloomy now, we should trust and believe that times do get better. We just have to believe it will.

Belief will get us through many things we will encounter in life. When we believe it means we have faith. It means we trust the process we are going through BUT we know that it is only temporary. Remember, regardless of the storm you may be going through, trouble don’t last always.

You may be thinking, whew, “It does not feel like trouble will not last always.”

Trust me, I know how you feel, because I have been there and said the same thing. When I came to trust God and the process as well as exercised my faith, it was then I came to know the fight in me. Exercising the fight in me gave me the power to know that regardless of the storms in my life, giving up will never be an option.

We have to get to a point in life where we do not have that “woe is me” mentality when things get tough. Having this mindset will not allow us to fight because we are too busy having this pity party with ourselves. As long as we are stuck in this mentality we cannot fight or move forward. Unfortunately, this mind frame zaps away any power that will allow us to fight.

When we ditch this mentality we rev up our engine (fight) and believe we can get through any and everything we encounter in life. It is just like “The Little Engine That Could” he believe he could so therefore he did.

Be reminded that life will not always be easy. Having an easy life will not allow us to exercise the fight in us. It will not allow us to build our strength nor our character. An easy life does not allow us to see the potential in ourselves to become stronger. Therefore, we easily say “I want to give up.”  

Today, use The Little Engine That Could mantra and keep repeating it when you feel like throwing in the towel and giving up. “I think I can,” “I think I can,” “I think I can!”  And, when you see you did not give up congratulate yourself by saying “I thought I could,” “I thought I could,” “I thought I could!”

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