Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tuesday's Talk with D ~ Motivational Talk

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Push yourself because, no one else is going to do for you. ~ Anonymous

Happy Tuesday Everyone! Welcome to Tuesday’s Talk with D

I started Tuesday’s Talk with D in 2013 on Instagram with motivational videos. The topics I like to encourage everyone on consist of loving themselves, finding purpose, executing goals, sharing talents and gifts, and paying it forward by being a blessing to others. I also create random videos throughout the month to pump others up and to get them started for their day.

I have decided once a month I will share Tuesday’s Talk with D on my blog by writing words of encouragement for others that are having a hard time moving forward in life. Eventually, I will incorporate the videos for a much more profound experience. For now, you can visit my Instagram feed here to listen to some of the videos.

Hearing a powerful message, one with conviction, in my opinion, has the ability to awaken anyone that lacks motivation. By sharing my voice through the means of videos I hope to be a blessing to others and to encourage others to get the ball rolling in their life. I believe there is nothing like hearing a powerful message to get a person’s rear in gear.

Tuesday’s Talk with D post will be different from the regular post that are normally published. These post will be short and sweet, full of energy and upbeat to get your blood pumping and energy going.

So with that being said, let’s begin our 1st Tuesday’s Talk with D on the blog:

Hi, everyone!

Today starts a new day! It’s a no excuse day… It is a limitless day whereas no limits are place on you to conquer the world. WHATEVER your dreams and goals are, YOU have the ability to see them into fruition. It is up to YOU to take the step and make it happen! All YOU have to do is believe in yourself because I BELIEVE IN YOU! Now, get your butt in gear and make it happen!

I appreciate everyone’s support and look forward to bringing you new content that will encourage you and help you prosper further in life. Stay tune…

Don’t forget to check out my Instagram for past videos!