Tuesday, June 14, 2016

3 Easy Ways You Can Take Back Control Over Your Life

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Incredible Change Happens in Your Life When You Decide to Take Control. ~ Anonymous

There are times when we let life take control over us instead of us taking control of life. When this happens we lose the ability to prioritize what is important and therefore allow anything to distract us. We become so caught up in our day-to-day activities and forget that it is us that control our lives and not the other way around.

Being conscious of what consumes us in our day-to-day lives gives us the opportunity to take back what belongs to us. By understanding what distracts us we have the chance to redirect the flow of what has taken place. Speaking firsthand, I can honestly say I have been dealing with this. At times, my days are filled with unnecessary distractions. Either, I could have stopped what had occurred altogether or I could have made a better decision on how to handle what has occurred. I cannot stress enough that life is all about how we handle what is thrown at us.

We must realize that we are accountable for our actions. Here are three easy ways that I’ve learned to take control over my life. Hopefully, these will resonate with you and help you get back what was taken from you. So, here’s to leading versus being led by our lives:

1.       Trust God Has A Plan – I have learned that, “WHAT WILL HAPPEN, WILL HAPPEN!” I cannot control everything that will happen in my life. What I can control is to understand that my life is my life and I control it, versus it controlling me. Understanding that everything happens for a reason and that God has a plan I’m able to rest easier because I have finally stop letting every little thing affect me.  

2.       Believe in Yourself – I had to start believing in myself 100 percent. There could not be any self-doubt. Regardless if other people thought it was impossible, I had to believe that anything is possible when I believe in myself. I use to let other people’s self-doubt in themselves rub off on me. Even when I did believe in myself, there was still a little self-doubt way back in my mind. Today, all of that has been dismissed. It is no longer a problem.

3.       Don’t Be a Victim - I eventually learned I cannot be a victim to other people’s opinion. I had to understand everyone will have an opinion and it’s just that an opinion. It does not mean theirs is right or wrong. It is just that THEIR OPINION! It does not dictate who I am and it does not validate who I am.   

Taking back what is rightfully yours will take power and determination. Either we can continue to allow our life to control us and be out of line or we can make the decision to get some order in our lives. In my opinion, having an out of control life is exhausting. It consumes too much energy. It’s overbearing. I could go on and on but hopefully you get the picture. At some point in our lives, we should be striving for order, peace, and if not totally stress free, seeking as much as a stress free life as possible. 

I am aware that life may not be a boat that sails smoothly. However, I am a firm believer in that when you decide to control your life you can ride the waves with ease.

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Today, make the decision to get some order in your life. Take a few minutes, sit down and brainstorm. See what areas in your life needs rethinking. How can you take back control? Making this shift enables you to gain control over your life.

Remember, IT IS YOUR LIFE! Take it back. Make it better. Believe in Yourself. Watch things turn around for the better.

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