Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Finding "ME" Time in the Midst of It All

Self-love, Life, Spiritual

I enjoy moments alone with myself. My energy is restored and I am reconnected with soul. ~ Anonymous

Finding the time to get a little “Me” time should take precedence over many things. When we are depleted we are not fully capable of doing anything for anyone much less ourselves. If we do find the time to do for others, it is not done with love and care. It’s more like out of obligation. Before we commit to doing for others, we should make sure we are in the best place mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

I am often told, “Girl, there is no time for “Me” time.”

“What is that?”

“Girl Bye!”

“Me" time doesn’t have to consist of anything extravagant. It could be an escape to read a good book, a leisure walk, a bubble bath, quiet time, and/or a movie. There are so many ways not mentioned that we could use to escape “life” if it’s even for a short-period of time. Enough time to inhale, exhale and breathe. We all need that “whoosah” moment if only for a little while. 

When I want to escape and a vacation is nowhere in sight I set out for a massage or a walk along the lakes.  Just seeing the scenery brings calmness over my mind, body, and spirit. I also opt for a  yoga class even though it has been awhile since I’ve use this calming practice, I still deem this as a go to, to relax my inner being.

With everything that has been happening around the world, finding the time to escape for a little “me" time is important. Finding and keeping balance as the center of your life while taking care of personal and professional obligations is the key to not feeling overwhelmed. We become so caught up with trying to be this and that for everyone we forget about our own well-being until it is too late. By then we are depleted. It should not have to get to this point.

In finding the time to take care of ourselves, there will be times that we have to tell other people, “NO!” Yes, I did say we must tell people, “NO!” If you have not tried saying “NO” then you must try it. It definitely does the body good. We should never forsake our peace of mind, health, nor sanity for other people. There will be times in life that some things will be unavoidable and have to be done. Other times it will be a choice, strictly made by you. The word No! is a complete sentence.

If you do not look out for yourself, who will? One thing that is very important to remember is that we should put ourselves first on our priority list. As I mentioned, when we are depleted, no one benefits. By ensuring we are taking care of ourselves first we are ensuring we are able to care of others with love.

Even if you have to schedule your “Me” time do so. You know treat it like it’s a meeting for work, or a doctor’s visit. Whichever you choose, remember if it’s for work, you wouldn’t miss it and if it’s a doctor’s visit, you wouldn’t miss that either. I’m not sure if your doctor visits are like mine but if you miss an appointment, it is months before you can get another appointment. Therefore, treat your scheduled “Me" time as you would treat one of those meetings.

Whichever method you choose for your “Me” time make sure it relaxes and rejuvenates your body, mind and spirit.  Remember, it doesn’t have to be extravagant, nor consist of a lot of time. It does, however need to be done with the mind frame of this is my time and I will not waste it by thinking of all the things I need to do. Instead, when you decide to have and schedule your “Me” make sure you are in the present and living for the moment at hand.

Let’s Chat:

What method or methods will you choose for your “Me” time?