Tuesday, October 4, 2016

3 D's to Make Sure You Finish This Year Strong

Success, Determination, Discipline, Dedication, Goals

When you think about quitting, think about why you started. ~Anonymous

As we approach the ending of the year, I felt it necessary to point out three important factors to ensure we finish this year without any regrets. Speaking for myself, I know throughout the year life becomes hectic and I sometimes put things on the back burner. In doing so, I push myself further from the goals I had originally set at the beginning of the year.

Somewhere mid –point of the year I pick those goals back up and begin to forge ahead to get back on track. For example, I am an Avon consultant. I started back selling Avon about two years ago. Nine years ago I sold Avon for 14 years. During that time, I had built a lucrative side business. I stopped when I decided to go back to school for my degree. Since earning my degree I decided to start selling Avon again. The difference between now and then, is I haven’t picked up the drive I once had. For one, I was younger and had all the energy in the world. Today, however, my energy level is not as high as it once was, therefore, it’s taking me longer to get that drive back.

Nine years ago, I had customers everywhere. My mother and aunt were my helpers and sold it at their jobs. I had about five friends that were helpers as well and sold it at their jobs. I had customers at the cleaners, banks, gas stations, doctors’ offices, you name it, I had customers there. Today, however my aunt and mom are retired. My other assistants are off doing other things. That means I have to rebuild my business from scratch and with new assistants.   

Hence, the process for the last two years has been slow. In part, it has been my fault because my driving force has been slow. This year, however I have been determined to build my once lucrative side hustle back and to new heights. Again, life took over mid-stream of the year and I slowed down. Now that I have rededicated myself to rebuild my business I’ve implemented new tactics to ensure I put my all into making sure I do so with a high success rate.

I decided to incorporate some methods previously along with some new tactics to rebuild my business. I had to recommit myself in seeing it through. It is one thing to think about it but it is another thing to decide to put your thoughts into action. With that said, here are three factors I decided to incorporate within myself to ensure I finish this year strong.

Hopefully, if there is something you’ve been slacking to do thus far, these three factors will be something you can incorporate within yourself so that we can all be winners by the time the year ends.

1.       Dedication – Being dedicated to your goals that you have set forth and want to see manifest within your life is the key for success. When you decide that they dedicate themselves to their goals you find new ways to make your business soar. Whether it is new marketing skills or hiring someone to assist you, you are dedicated to make that happen.

2.       Determination – To be determined to do what is required to see your goals accomplished is important. For myself, I am determined to try new tactics. Reaching out to others to get their thoughts and/or opinions is on the top of my list as well. When you consider your customers thoughts and/or opinions it matters. I am determined to give my customers the best version of myself as an Avon consultant.

3.       Discipline – Discipline is doing what needs to be done even though you do not feel like it. Once you’ve decided on your goals you should pursue them relentlessly. In my case, I have to be committed to growing my business through the slow times. Building a business whether it’s a full-time independent business or a side hustle takes time. These are the times that determine if you are in it to win it. I can speak for myself and say that this one will be one that I really have to work on. I have been out of the loop for a while so therefore, I have to reprogram myself if I truly want to see that once lucrative business again.

There is no doubt that if you set goals for yourself at the beginning of the year, that you would want to finish this year successfully. Rededicating yourself with these 3 D’s to ensure you are successful in doing so, will in my opinion determine your success rate. Sure things happen, oh, do I know oh so well. However, I also know what I want to see happen with my business. Therefore, being dedicated, determined, and disciplined regardless of what happens in my life I plan to see that once lucrative business soar to new and larger heights once again.

Hopefully, you feel the same way and do what is necessary to see your goals accomplished as well!

Remember, dedication, determination, and discipline will be your key to success…

Let us all recommit and put forth the effort to be winners by the end of the year!