Friday, April 7, 2017

Avon's NEW "Pop of Color" Dolman-Sleeve Dress

Avon, Dress, Fashion, Women's Dress Attire, Dolman Dress

A Woman’s Dress should be like a barbed-wire fence: serving its purpose without obstructing the view. ~ Sophia Loren

It’s the Perfect Summer Dress!

Avon has done it again! They’ve pulled out all of the stops with their line of fashion. Today, I have the privilege of modeling their Pop of Color Dolman-Sleeve Dress! It’s a Green dress with a self-tie at waist and flattering dolman sleeves. Just look at it! It’s speaks class and elegance. A show stopper! Or, is just me?

Avon, Dress, Fashion, Women's Dress Attire, Dolman Dress

It’s definitely, not just me! I posted some pictures of me in this dress in an Avon Facebook group that I’m a member of and received endless comments from other representatives. Most of the comments were that the lady in the book, did the dress no justice. Therefore, many representatives did not order it, some didn’t even remember seeing it. Once they saw me in the dress, many made the comment that they were going to order it. For now, some of the representatives just used my pictures to show their customers how the dress really looked.

Here are a few of the comments posted in the group: 

·         wow , you should be the AVON model! That dress looks much better on you then her!
·         I have to say I hated this dress looking at it in the brochure, However, seeing it on you has changed my mind. I definitely have to order this. Also, I must say you are one of those ladies that look great no matter what you are wearing.
·         That's nice can i use you picture because the catalog those nothing for this dress
·         You are rocking this dress!!! Fabulous honey!!!
·         I did not like the dress in the book but now I see it on you are working that
·         I have this same dress and love it!!! Girl, you rock the heck out of our dresses!!!!
·         you make it look so much better than the model. It looks to big on her that i didn't give the dress another look by on you i now want this dress
·         Honestly I was like "I've never seen this dress" and that's because I wasn't impressed with the model in the brochure. You rock this dress!!
·         I love that dress, I am getting it. So glad you modeled it, you just confirmed that I should buy it. You are wearing it well!

This Dolman-Sleeve dress adds flair and creates a dramatic look for any season. It’s perfect for every wardrobe. Pair it with a pair of stylish heels or create a more casual look with a pair of nice classic sandals. Either way you will be sure to grab someone’s attention. It’s just an all-around fun and flirty dress.

Avon, Dress, Fashion, Women's Dress Attire, Dolman Dress

Let’s look at the sleeves, the effects are very eye-catching. It’s perfect for an all-day wear and is very comfortable. Just in time to be the perfect summer dress. The sleeves definitely adds interest for a chic look.

Avon, Dress, Fashion, Women's Dress Attire, Dolman Dress

To make it all the more interesting, throw on your favorite accessories, the right pair of shades and you are all set for a night on the town. Or, a fun day with the girls!

Avon, Dress, Fashion, Women's Dress Attire, Dolman Dress

Here are some specs on it:

Polyester/spandex. Machine wash and dry. Imported.

Here’s a suggestion for a better fit:

Center back length: 38 1/4 (on medium).

The sizes and item number are as stated:

S (6-8) 041-800
M (10-12) 041-871
L (14-16) 041-910
XL (18) 041-924

Add this flattering fashionable dolman dress to your collection by logging on to my website HERE, create an account and simply type in the item number of your choice in the search box and add it to your cart, choose direct delivery, pay and have it shipped directly to your home. It's that simple!

Avon, Dress, Fashion, Women's Dress Attire, Dolman Dress

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