Tuesday, March 10, 2015

3 Reasons "The Gift Looks Good on You!"

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Perfecting "MY GIFT"
And isn’t part of your life doing something with the gifts God has given you?
Lisa Tawn Bergren

As I’m typing this post I can hear Donald Lawrence’s voice in my head singing “The Gift Looks Good on You, It Looks Good on You, The Gift Looks Good on You, It Looks Good.”  It’s a repeated lyric that’s been playing in my mind continuously when I talk to people that have a gift but haven’t taken the time to perfect it.

Some people’s gifts and talents come naturally and they expand their knowledge by perfecting it. Whether a class is taken or a mentor or coach is hired that person knows that in order to be the best at their gift, steps have to be taken to craft if perfectly.

Other people are not so lucky. They really have to do some soul searching to figure out what their gift is. Sometimes it takes trying out several different things. It’s a lot of trial and error. Then there are the ones that have several gifts and talents. Aren’t they lucky? 

Once you’ve figure out your gift or gifts, God has blessed you with you will need to take time to develop these gifts. God has blessed you with your gifts for a purpose. Don’t just sit on your gifts, be a blessing to others.

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Let’s discuss three reason’s “The Gift Looks Good on You,”: 
1.       You are unique - God gave you your unique gifts before you were even born. He knew what you were capable of. Therefore, your particular gifts were tailored just for you. Don’t sit on them.

2.       It’s Your Gift - Your gift, is your gift and no one else’s. Yes, it’s ok to get the opinion of others if you are unsure of your gifts but don’t let anyone tell you that this particular gift is yours. It might be their gift. Believe it or not there are people that don’t want you to succeed, so don’t just go on their word alone. Seek God if you are having problems determining what your gifts are.  He will direct you in the right direction.
3.       You do it so effortlessly – You make your gift look so easy. Do you know why? It’s because God equipped YOU. He anointed YOU. He chose YOU. He purposeful singled YOU out for those gifts. That’s why you make it look so effortless, they were designed for YOU.

If your gifts come naturally, let me be the first to say kudos to you. Don’t fret if they don’t.  I’m all about finding out answers. Whether, it’s researching on the internet, asking family, friends, or coworkers what are their thoughts, I’m about finding out what is my gift.

In the beginning, I didn’t have a clue what my gift was. My gift didn’t come naturally, as least I didn’t think it did. Little did I know, it was underneath my nose all of the time. I just wasn’t in sync with myself to know it.

See, if you are not aligned with self, you might just miss your calling. I knew people came to me for advice, since I had been in my twenties. I was always giving my opinion on various topics. I was just a matter of fact about it when I gave my honest opinion. Not always a good thing all of the time, I’ve learned. It’s the way you craft your message that makes the difference.

It wasn’t until I had my epiphany; I began getting the opinion of others of what they thought of me. Meaning, what did they see I excelled in. It was always, I’m compassionate, and I’m uplifting and easy to talk to without being judgmental. Honest, but sometimes I was a little harsh the way my answer would come across. To me, I was just keeping it real, no time to sugarcoat my answer. I took all that into consideration. I appreciated the constructive criticism.

When you seek the opinion of others, be open-minded. Whether you agree with what they are saying, be respectful and hear them out. Remember, you are on your quest to figure out your gifts. You asked for their opinion, be willing to hear their thoughts, so don’t be rude. Afterwards, thank them for their feedback.

Once, I asked the opinion of others and sought God about my gifts I received my answer in the form of one of a T.D. Jakes audio. He was talking about Ruth in the bible being a life coach and walking alongside others to help them. Mind you, I had just finish praying about my gifts, and had received feedback from others about what they observed about me on a day to day basis. So, I was a little taken aback when I heard that message. It still took some time because I was still unsure. Again, I was not always in sync with myself. 

When you are on the quest for answers, be open-minded about where your answers may come from. I never imagined my answer would come in the form of an audio message. When I finally decided to accept that message, that’s when I enrolled in school to become a life coach. I needed to equip myself with the right tools to be effective when I communicated with others about their life. Remember, it’s about the effectiveness and the delivery of your message that will help others receive the message you are trying to deliver.

God had equipped me with my gift; I just had to craft it to perfect it.

Do you know “Your Gift?’
What steps are you taking to craft “Your Gift?”

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