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3 Reasons it’s NOT about YOU, it’s about Helping Others

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If you live your life as if everything is about you…YOU will be left with just that, YOU. ~ Anonymous

Have you ever wondered why things are never going in the right direction for you?

Does it seem like you can never get ahead?
If you’ve been asking yourself these questions lately, it could be because you are only focused on yourself. Life is not always about the things we want and/or desire. We have to sometimes think about others and how we can enrich other people’s lives.

Growing up as an only child most people would assume I was spoiled. I guess I was to an extent but not to the extent of thinking everything was all about me all the time. I learned from an early age how to be independent. I also learned that life is about others and how you can contribute and be of service to others.

I started volunteering when my daughter entered pre-k and I’ve been volunteering ever since to various organizations. The joy that I’ve experienced in doing so has been rewarding. I don’t mean rewarding in monetary ways either. It’s rewarding to me because of the joy it brings to others.

Just to know there are selfless people out there willing to lend a hand to help others is indeed a reward in itself. The joy it brings to other people’s lives is indescribable.

When was the last time you’ve done something for someone else and wasn’t looking for something back in return?

As I stated early on in this post, most people are selfish to an extent and we think the world revolves around us, until we are old enough to know better. It is then you should change your thought process and do better. When you know better, you should do better.

Maybe you didn’t know better growing up or didn’t have someone in your life that led by example. In my opinion it’s not excusable because there are enough people in the world that are leading by example and you can learn from them.

If you want to leave a legacy here on Earth you should start contributing to other people’s lives. If you don’t know where to begin, start with your community, church or family. By starting with one of these suggestions you are opening your life to all sorts of rewards. You will see the direction of your life starting to turn around.

Here are three reasons you need to understand why it’s NOT all about YOU and about helping others:

1.       God blessed you with specific talents: You have talents that some people can only dream about. Volunteer your time with an organization that is geared toward your talent. Help someone by mentoring them and helping them to perfect their craft. The rewards you reap will be beneficial to your life. Try it!

2.       God blessed you financially more than others: There’s a possibility that you were born into wealth or that you worked your butt off to gain financial stability. The point is you wouldn’t have it without God. Find it in your heart to bless someone financially. Treat a mother with kids to a spa day. Find someone that is less fortunate than you and buy groceries for them, pay their light bill or if you know something else they might need, step up and do it. Everyone loves a financial blessing. What better way to bless someone than someone that is less fortunate than you. Just do it!

3.    God put you on this Earth to help others: There are plenty of elderly or depressed people in this world. Why not help others by lending an ear or taking some time out and taking them to lunch. Visit someone in the hospital. Provide your time and see how it makes you feel. Just the mere fact that you took the time to make someone’s day by spending time with them speaks volumes. Help others!

Not too long ago I saw a Facebook post where a young lady stated she saw this elderly woman sitting at a table by herself. She stepped out of her comfort zone and said to the lady “I see you are eating alone and I’m eating alone, would you mind if we eat together?” Don’t quote me on the exact words but it’s similar. The young lady stated the biggest smile came across the elderly woman’s face that warmed her heart.

A relative of the lady had just died and she was all alone. Because this young lady decided to step out of her comfort zone she gained a new friend. This young lady and the elderly woman are now set to have lunch every Thursday together. When I tell you that brought tears to my eyes, it did. It was such a selfless act and we can use more of these in the world today.
So, when you start thinking about the things you don’t have try being appreciative of the things you do have. Look around and see how you can help someone that truly don’t have anything and bless them. You will soon appreciate what you do have and stop taking your life for granted. One thing we should remember is, it can be here today and gone tomorrow.

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Have you blessed someone lately? 

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