Tuesday, December 1, 2015

It's My Birthday! Look at The 17 Reasons I'm Thankful

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I am so blessed and thankful that the Lord has allowed me to see another birthday! Thank you Jesus!

Hooray! Today, December 1st marks my 44th birthday! What are the chances of my birthday falling on my posting day??? Whoot Whoo

I’m so thankful to still be standing and blessed that God has allowed me to see another year of life. And, what a year it has been. When I look back on my life, I realize I’m blessed beyond measure. Just recently I was having a conversation with a friend and we were discussing our lives and the many turn of events that have occurred just this year alone. We talked about everything that has gone on thus far in 2015. We both had to admit that regardless of what had occurred in our lives we were thankful that we made it through.

Leading up to my birthday I began to reflect on my life and everything I am thankful for. Reflection keeps me grounded when I start to have these fleshly thoughts of things I want to accomplish or the things I may want to buy and at the moment I’m not in the position to do so. In my reflection process I’ve come to realize that while I may not understand the things that have happened in my life or that I’m not where “I think” I should be in my life, I’m right where I’m suppose to be in life. With my spiritual growth and much prayer, I have come to accept this.

Did I always understand this? No, I did not.

Was it hard to come to terms with? Yes, it was.

If you are having problems in this area, take some time in prayer and ask for discernment. Ask God to help you understand and accept where you are in life. Just because you are where you are now, doesn’t mean you have to stay there. It means this moment you are where you are suppose to be and with time if you are suppose to be somewhere else with God’s timing, you will be there. 

Each year when we are blessed to see another year, if no other time of the year, we should all take a moment and reflect on our lives. We should think about our past experiences, the lessons we’ve learned and ways we can become a better person. Growing in all areas of your life should be what it is all about. Learning from past experiences and applying the lessons to your life when moving forward allows us to make better decisions. Being thankful for having the wisdom to know better than the past is maturity. The old saying always stands true “when we know better, we do better.” I’m a firm believer in this old saying and it has helped me in my quest to become a much wiser person and for that I am thankful for another year of life. With age comes wisdom.

With that being said, today, on my birthday I want to share with you all, all of these things I’m thankful for leading up to my 44th year of life:

1.       Of course, I’m thankful that God has allowed me to wake up each and every day.
2.       I’m thankful for my new grand-baby, Grace. The joy she has brought me is indescribable.
3.       I’m thankful for my daughter and that she has blessed me with a sweet and joyous baby.
4.       I’m thankful for my mother and all of the love and support she has given me. Words can’t explain, how grateful I am to her.
5.       I’m thankful for my fiancĂ©. The support he has shown me and our daughter throughout this year has been phenomenal.
6.       I’m thankful for my immediate and extended family. All of the laughter and smiles have seen me through some difficult times.
7.       I’m thankful for my friends and their support system. By having a few cocktails (don’t judge me) and allowing me to vent my frustrations, I’m forever grateful and thankful.
8.      I’m thankful for my church family.
9.       I’m thankful for my Facebook family and their support system with my blog. Their response to my blog posts has been encouraging.
10.   I’m thankful for my blogging community. Welcoming me in and being there to answer questions has been awesome.
11.    I’m thankful I have a job and health insurance.
12.    I’m thankful for my co-workers. The topics we discuss at work keeps are days interesting and make the hours go by faster.
13.    I’m thankful for my health. It has been up and down this year with my Lupus BUT it could be much worse so for that I’m thankful that it’s not. 
14.    I’m thankful that I’m able to provide a roof over my family’s head and put food on our table, even though most of the time I don’t cook. (Don’t judge me) Mom lives around the corner.
15.    I’m thankful for the experiences I’ve learned this year. It has molded me into the person I have become today and makes me strive to become better.
16.    I’m thankful for the strangers I’ve met along the way. The lessons I’ve learned from them will forever be with me.
17.    I’m thankful that I’m in a position to help others by way of encouraging words or monetary offerings.

Just typing everything on this list that I’m thankful for overwhelms me. Did I miss anything? I’ve never really just sat and written everything down. I’ve always thought about it but to actually see it in writing is short of amazing! I’m so appreciative and thankful of all of the support I’ve received throughout my life, let alone this birthday life of 43 years old. Coming into this 44th birthday year I can’t expect nothing but greatness, for you all have shown me a year of thankfulness and gratefulness. For this I’m am truly grateful and thankful! Happy Birthday to ME! Many blessings to you all!

It’s my birthday, it’s my birthday, Go Daria, Go Daria… Do they still say that? Or am I telling my age? Ole well, it’s still my day!

Let’s Chat:

Have you reflected and thought about everything you are thankful for during your birthday year?

Have you written it down and looked at it?

Share some of your thankfulness with me!

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