Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Finding Fulfillment in Your 40's

“Your Life Should Be About Finding the Intersection of The World’s Greatest Need and Your Greatest Passion.” Darren Schwindaman

So here we are in our 40’s, now what?

Have you had these thoughts?

I don’t know what I expected life to be about when I turned 40 and honestly, I don’t think I gave it much thought. It was not until I had my a-ha moment a couple of years ago that I realized a void in my life. I felt empty. I was not content. It was a feeling that was unexplainable. I knew there was something missing in my life and I was on a mission to find out exactly what it was. I needed a solution to bring my life into full completion.

Yes, I’m healthy. Yes, I’m in my right mind. So, why did I have this empty feeling?

Why wasn’t I complete?

What type of void could I possibly be missing?

Why wasn’t I fulfilled in my life?

In the beginning, I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t fulfilled. That was just something I did not understand. All I knew was that I wasn’t completely happy with my life.

I volunteered and participated in activities, so that wasn’t the void. I did everything that I thought was suppose to bring me joy but it still wasn’t there. Or should I say, what society had deemed was suppose to bring me joy.

Does this describe how you feel? Have you ever felt this way?

Well I can tell you several of my friends and I have had this discussion and we’ve all had these thoughts. Women from all walks of life are at different stages in life. Some of our children are grown and living their lives. Some are on their way to college and some still have small children that will be home for a while. Some of these women are highly educated. So don’t think it’s just women that have lower paying jobs that have these feelings. These women are educators teaching our children or have taught our children. Some of these women are in the corporate world. Their economic status is well above what society considers living well. Yes, some of these women have high paying jobs making six-figures or are close to it.

When we look at this status, people from the outside are wondering why these women are having feelings of being unfulfilled. The reality is these women are looking deep within themselves and realizing there’s a void. A void that money cannot fulfill.

News Flash: Money isn’t everything! Sure, it fills a void for a little while, but then what? You might even feel you are on top of the world. Yes, money pays the bills. However, if you think living to pay the bills is what you are here for; I hate to tell you, you are missing out on what life has to offer.

Life is so much more than living to receive a paycheck. Living the life you were meant to is much better. Of course, in the real world, we have to work to survive, to put food on our table, clothes on our back and a roof over our head.

However, that shouldn’t stop us from living the life we were created for. God gives different people different talents. It’s up to us to discern what those talents are and take the necessary steps to start putting them into action.

So, my A-ha moment came at that time. This was guided through prayer and meditation. When I realized just because I had to work a 9 to 5 to take care of my family, that didn’t mean I couldn’t pursue my life’s passion on the side.

So, I had to decide, what’s next, for the next chapter in my life.

Turning 40 is definitely a new chapter in all of our lives. In my opinion, we should at least have our lives half way together. Yes, obstacles will occur, that’s something that is out of our control, but we shouldn’t let life’s inconveniences deter us from living fulfilled lives.

Don’t you think at this point in our lives we should have a different perspective? We shouldn’t be doing the same things we were doing in our 20’s or 30’s. The picture is so much bigger than that.

There are so many questions left unanswered. We are all on a journey to find out what should we being doing from here.

Based on the conversations I’ve had we’ve all felt like we weren’t raised to pursue our passion. It’s a feeling of having to get a job to pay our bills, versus having a job we are passionate about and pay our bills.

It’s a feeling of getting up every morning to go to a job that we are not fully happy with and one that we can’t use our gifts and talents that God has blessed us with.

So, if you are feeling this way, I will share with you some questions that have helped me evaluate my situation. By evaluating my situation, I realized that I could pursue my passion on the side. I realized just because I had to work a full-time position, there was no reason I couldn’t be completely happy and fill that void.

Who knows, it could possibly turn into something full-time and one day be enough to pay my bills. Even if it doesn’t reach that point, at least I’ll be doing something I love and that void will be filled.

I really had to do some evaluating when it was time to answer these questions. To get this done I had to be honest with myself. I had to decide if I was willing to take the extra steps to acquire the training to pursue my passion. It’s all about sacrifice, to take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Let’s take a look at these questions:
1.       What is the biggest contribution that you’re here to make?
2.       What are your natural talents and strengths that you’ve used throughout your personal  life? Throughout your professional life?
3.       What do you do that comes naturally?
4.       What skills have you acquired that are valuable for others? What skills do you want to teach others?
5.       Identify 3 success stories that you’re most proud of where you used your strengths to help other? What skills and strengths did you use? What were the results?

My plan is to leave a legacy behind, one that my daughter can be proud of. One that a person can say, I knew her and I am honored that she was a friend. I know that I am here to empower women in a nonjudgmental manner and help them be all that God created them to be. I’m here to be a listener and help women navigate through their life’s journey.

I’m a women’s empowerment coach. I specialize in helping women like you reach their full potential by helping them realize their self-worth. That involves helping them with their self-esteem, self-confidence, self-awareness and loving themselves.

To do so, I took classes to become a Christian Life Coach. I’m here to motivate, inspire, empower and equip women with the tools deemed necessary to live a fulfilled life.  I plan on accomplishing some of this through my writing. I decided the best way to reach my audience was to blog. With that being said, “From a Caterpillar to a Blossoming Butterfly” blog was created. Words mean a lot, but ACTIONS mean more.

My blog is just the start of what I intend to do to reach women online and around the world. I want my work to be published in magazines that have the potential to reach women worldwide. My heart’s desire is to travel around the world encouraging women to be the best and what God created them to be. I want to travel around the world and raise awareness about stalking.

I hope these questions help you look into your life and think about what’s the next chapter in your life going to be. If you need some help, I’m happy to assist.

What legacy are you planning to leave behind?  

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