Tuesday, March 31, 2015

5 Reasons YOU Should FLUSH Your Excess Baggage and Move On

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“Bag Lady you gone miss your bus, cause you can’t hurry up, because you got too much stuff.” ~ Erykah Badu

Where should we begin? Some of us have some baggage that has been long overdue for flushing.

Are you holding on to past hurts?

Have you rehearsed in your mind the words you would say if you saw your ex-boyfriend, an ex-husband, a friend, or family member that has hurt you in the past?

I’m here to tell you, it’s time to let it go because trust and believe that person has moved on. There’s no sense in holding onto the past hoping you’ll have the chance to speak your peace. If you need to speak your peace write a letter and then throw it away. Better yet, flush it down the toilet. Tell it good ridden.

When we have excess baggage in our lives, we can’t truly live our lives the way it was meant to be lived. Our minds become preoccupied with what ifs? Let me ask you a question. What is holding on to your old baggage doing for you? Is it serving a purpose? If “Nothing” is your answer to the 1st question and there is “No Purpose” for the 2nd question then it’s time to relinquish all ties to your past. Flush it!

When you hold on to the past you risk the chance if letting it consume your life. Here’s why you should flush your excess baggage and move on:

1.       It affects your health sometimes causing debilitating illnesses – Say for instance you all of sudden start to have excruciating pain. You go to the Doctor and have test done and nothing can be found. You receive a clean bill of health based on your test. Here’s the problem, you are still having pain. What many people fell to realize is that you can have a chronic illness from stress that’s not detected. It’s called pain with no physical symptoms. Flush it! 

2.       It takes over your life – It’s all you think about day end and out. It has taken your self-confidence away. Everything you do is centered on these thoughts. Flush it!

3.       It’s emotionally draining – All you do is cry because you can’t believe someone could hurt the one they cared about. Flush it!

4.       You think irrationally – You start to have crazy delusional thoughts about doing something to someone. Your thoughts can be the one to break YOU and land you in jail…Unless you are about that life, Flush it!

5.       You carry the baggage into your next relationship – You meet the person of your dreams but because you are carrying around this extra weight (baggage) you can’t even see that you are mistreating this person because of your previous relationship. Flush it!

Does any of these sound familiar?

Whether we realize it or not we are the ones hurting ourselves because we can’t seem to let go of the past. The ones we are seeking revenge on or having ill-will feelings towards haven’t given it a second thought about what occurred in the past. We should do the same.

We should focus on being healthy and happy. We should focus on building better healthy relationships. Instead of looking at our old baggage as a taboo or bad, let’s turn it around to something more positive. Think about what lessons you took away from that bad experience. How did it make you a better person? Stronger? Wiser? What have you learned from this situation?

We can always turn a negative into a positive. It’s all about attitude. Just because something bad has happen in the past doesn’t mean you have to live in the past. That’s just too much baggage to be carrying around for such a long period of time. Once and for all claim your self-confidence back by flushing everything from the past down the toilet.

Let’s say it together FLUSH IT!

Here’s one last thought for you to ponder on:

Think of your excess baggage in this manner. Holding on to excess baggage only hinders you. It hinders your happiness and your miss opportunities. Imagine arriving at the airport to leave for your dream vacation. An all expense paid trip to an exotic island for a week! You find out you can only check one bag. But you have 3 massive bags. So, here you are stuck. The only options are to donate the bags and take the bare necessities or return them to your car which will take 45 minutes. The problem is you only have 15 minutes…

How many missed opportunities have you had because you’re holding on to your past? How many more will you miss out on? Let go of the baggage and all the people who helped you create it. An ex-lover, a friend, and/or family member.  Let them and it go!!!

Now, let’s say this again, and this time let’s be more assertive and firm, FLUSH IT!

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