Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Being Different is OK

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Being different isn’t a bad thing. It means you’re brave enough to be yourself ~ Anonymous

Being different is not a bad thing, if you use it in a positive way.

Learning to embrace who you are and what sets you apart from others is the first step to your individuality, hence “Being Different.”

If you are allowing other people’s ideas, to influence you, you are not being true to yourself.  You are being like everyone else, the same old Joe Blow.

When you decide to stand alone and not join the crowd because “that’s what everyone else is doing,” you are standing on your own terms. Just because you see things differently doesn’t make you crazy. It means that you are not afraid to be true to YOU.

Your uniqueness is what you have to offer the world and you should embrace it. Don’t let other people words or actions deter you from trying new things, taking chances, or investing in yourself.

There will be some, because of their fear that will make you second guess your decision in taking a different route. There is a chance their reasoning could have some validity, but then there’s a chance it could not. That will be something you have to process in order to see if it applies to your life. Sometimes people’s opinions are limited to their experiences. So it’s hard for them to accept a different perspective. Do not limit yourself to the viewpoint of others.

Being different allows you to do your own thing. Whether it’s starting a new career in something that you know nothing about or that you love, branching out and starting your own business, traveling to a foreign country alone,  learning a new language, ending a career where you make a nice salary, whatever the case may be learn to embrace being different.

The advantage of being different opens new doors. Meaning, people notice when you are confident and that sets you apart from others. You are more likely to get noticed in a crowd because of your ability to do your own thing. You rock to the beat of your own drum.

Another advantage is people are willing to offer you opportunities in life more than if you were following the crowd.

The disadvantage of being different is THE HATERS ARE REAL and will try anything to bring you down. What we have to understand about this is that it’s nothing personal. It’s about them and not about you. You see, some people don’t have the mind frame to be different, so they will try anything to keep you from doing something different or being different.

You shouldn’t knock that person. You don’t know what their circumstances are in life. It can be any number of things. Fear is fierce. It stops people from being different. Being scared because you are not confident in yourself stops your ability to be different. Waiting on the approval of others keeps you from being different. We have to let go of all of these things in order to be brave enough to be different.

I’ve been told on more than one occasion that I’m different. I don’t take offense to those words because I know I am. I’ve overcome my fear on many things. That has allowed me to take chances when I remember at one time I would have never done. Do what? Try what? No ma’am…

Today, in my different world, I’ve learned to embrace who I am and my individuality. I love being different. I’m in my own world, living my life minus some ups and downs I’ve encountered in life. I’m secure in who I am and that makes me be able to be different in a world where a lot of people are doing what everyone else is doing.

Try being different and see where it takes you in life. I promise you will learn things about yourself that you probably never thought about.  You will enjoy life more. You will feel free. There are endless possibilities in life when you learn to be different. Remember, being different is ok.

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Are you offended when someone tell you, you are different? 

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