Tuesday, September 29, 2015

3 Ways to Adapt to Change

Some change look negative on the surface, but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge. ~ 
Echart Tolle

Since the birth of my grand-daughter, I’ve had to make some major adjustments in my life and change my mind set. Before her birth a week and a half ago, my evening consisted of going workout, two or three times a week and coming home to take a bath and relax. There were some days that I would have had my bath twenty minutes after coming directly home from work. Yes, by 4:30, I would have had my bath. If I didn’t go work out, I was going to bed early. I truly believe in getting my rest. So, every time I had the opportunity to get in my bed early, I took advantage of it.

Today, things are different. Where I use to come home to peace and quiet, I now come home to the sound and presence of a precious little bundle of joy. The quietness that I once experienced is no longer there. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about my little buttercup, I’m just saying how change has come about.

Oh, how time brings on a change.

I had to look at change from a different perspective. Where I once enjoyed coming home and enjoying my peace time, I now enjoy walking in hearing that little cry or seeing her in her swing looking all peaceful. My first reaction when I get home is to grab my grand-daughter and spend time with her. I try to hold back the urge of picking her up until she awakens. Wow, I’ve truly had to change my perspective of how I had looked at everything from in the beginning.
When my daughter told me she was pregnant, I was like, Oh, Lord, my peace will be gone. Do you realize how hard I had worked to get my home one of peace and solitude? Well, I can tell you, it was work and to think I was finally there and now this. Wait; let’s back this up for a minute. My once solitude home, where it was just me the majority of the time would soon be gone. This was a major deal to me. I was not ready to come to terms with this.
I sort of dreaded it. I was not ready to let go of something I had worked so hard to get to, “my peace.” Yes, peace is within you, and I had peace within me but I also wanted peace to surround me within my home. I’m at a place in my life, where I like quietness. I light my candles and enjoy my “me time.” I know it might sound selfish, but so much has gone on in my life, where every moment of peace I get to experience, I want it in its entirety.
At the end my daughter’s baby shower, after we had thanked everyone for coming and sharing in the joy of the arrival of a new baby, I asked the guest to pray for me. I told them, all of my peace will be gone soon, please pray for me. I was laughing and I’m not sure if they realized it or not but I was dead serious.
Now that she’s been in our life for a little over a week and a half, I find myself thinking about how time brings about change. When we look at things from a different perspective, we are able to see things differently and deal with things in a much better way. What I once dreaded, I now see so much joy in. All I can say is God is good. It’s all about a changed mind set to what life presents you.
Sometimes, we might not understand what life throws at us or why things happen the way that it does because Lord knows I didn’t see anything positive in the beginning. I just couldn’t see it and no one was going to make me feel like she was God sent. No way! 
Well guess what, my little buttercup was truly God sent and I wouldn’t know what to do without her. Because I decide to let go of “my peace is gone” attitude, I was able to welcome a new type of peace into my life. I realized I could still have “my personal peace time” and I could also enjoy the peace that she brings me when I look at her tiny little innocent face. Look how things work out when you decide to change your mind set.
Here’s how you can adapt to change in your life:
1.       See change as something positive – Don’t look at change as a negative. Change is good. Change is a part of life. Change will happen whether you want it or not. The best way to embrace change is to change your mind set about things in life. When you realize in life that you will not be able to control “LIFE” you can live more freely.
2.       Be open minded – Being closed minded will not allow you to experience life to its fullest and enjoy all of the things God has in store for you. Having an open mind allows you to look at life in its entirety. It allows you see the various phases in life and how good change can be. Life is full of opportunity, if you allow yourself to experience things, you would have never thought of before. When you decide to be open-minded about life and change, you open your life to all sorts of adventures and opportunities, that you’ve might have not otherwise experienced. 

3.       Don’t resist it – Open your arms and your narrow mindedness. Let go of the hold you have on your life that allows you to miss out on what life has to offer. Had I not changed my view point on my grand-daughter’s presence in my home, I would not be able to appreciate God’s gift. It’s such a true blessing to be able to look at that sweet little round face and realize a different kind of peace than I had before.    

We will always have to adapt to change. Whether it’s personal or professional, change will happen. It’s a guarantee. I always hear people say this and I say it as well “if it ain’t one thing, it’s another.”  This statement holds true to its every word. Things are always happening, some good and some bad. The only way we can come to terms with this statement is if we understand that it will always be something going on. The difference of it all is that when we are open minded about change we see things from a different light. This allows us to be able to handle change from the way we’ve looked at things in the past.

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How did you change your perspective on the matter?

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