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De-Cluttering Your Life to Welcome in Your Blessings

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De-cluttering your life means getting rid of the unnecessary to leave time for the necessary. ~ Lindon and Sherry Gareis

Is your life full of clutter?

When I speak of clutter, I’m speaking of mind and home clutter. When our lives are full of clutter we sometimes miss our blessings because we have so much going on and we cannot recognize when our blessings have arrived.
Blessings come in all shapes and sizes. It could be the person right next to you or the person in front or behind you in the grocery store. Never dismiss a person because they don’t look the par. That can be the person your blessing is coming from. That’s why you should never mistreat anyone based on appearance. God uses any and everyone to hand down blessings.
Blessings have no limits when it’s your time to receive them. You never know in what manner your blessings will come. Therefore, you should always be prepared to welcome your blessings.
I’ve been praying for change and increase in my life. Meaning, I’ve been praying for wisdom, spiritual change, career change, peace and monetary increase. It’s a daily prayer, one that I say throughout the day.
Recently, I heard God say to me how can I reward you with what you are praying for when you have so much clutter in your life. Whew, that hit like a ton of bricks. The clutter in my mind never settles. Meaning, I’m always thinking of what I have to do and I am always running around. Lately, it’s been none stop and it has caused me to have foggy brain moments and no room to clearly recognize my blessings when they arrive.
The clutter in my home is my attic, utility room and garage. Whew, it’s just overwhelming thinking about it.  I will pack up some things, put them in a bend and throw them in the attic. The result of this is an attic full of things that could or should have been discarded a long time ago. My utility room and garage could stand to have some things thrown away and organized as well.

Can you stand to have some clutter removed from your life?

When I finally came to grips about what I needed to do to clear my life of the unwanted clutter, I sat down and thought of a plan. It’s truly a process and takes planning when you need to tackle projects that are overwhelming. I had to ask God to give me the energy to even want to be bothered with starting the process.
One day God answered my prayers and I was able to start cleaning out the attic. It’s still a work in progress but at least I was able to get started and throw things away as well as donate some things to charity. I had forgotten about a lot of stuff I had put up. So, some of the things weren’t hard to discard of.
With that being said, this is how I decided I would tackle the overwhelming project of de-cluttering my mind and home:

For my mind: 

1.       Slow down – I had to make a conscious effort to slow down mentally. Let me tell you a quick story. The other day I placed an order for a supreme personal pan pizza. On my phone, I Goggled Pizza Hut on Government Street. The number came up and not paying attention I clicked call and placed my order. When I went to pick up my order the lady tells me “ma’am we don’t have your order.” The last order we have for you is on such and such date.

I said no ma’am I spoke to a gentleman and placed my order. She searched my name and number again to no avail, nothing. Long story short, I had placed an order in Mobile, Alabama on Government Street, all I could say is Jesus take the wheel. Now what’s the chance that there would be another Pizza Hut on Government in a different State? (Go ahead and laugh)I knew then it was time for me to slow down, take my time and breathe. Whatever is going to be will be; therefore, me rushing all the time will not solve anything, it will only make things more difficult.

2.       Meditate –Meditation has been proven to be effective to release the mental day to day clutter. Taking some time by yourself and sitting still to clear your mind helps with releasing negative thoughts or mishaps you may have encountered that day. Try it, I promise you once you are able to master this technique you will go to it often to help you with clearing the clutter in your mind. You’ll find yourself throughout the day taking time to clear your mind to get through the rest of the day.

For my home:

1.       Choose a day and take a box at a time – The day God gave me my energy I needed to get started, I dove right in. I went through items and either put what I needed to in the trash or I put it on the side to be donated. There were many times I wanted to leave all that sh*$ right there BUT, I had to remember why I started de-cluttering in the first place. To welcome my incoming blessings.

2.       I haven’t tried this BUT if you haven’t seen it in all this time, just throw it away – Well, I haven’t quite decided to do this but I’ve had several people suggest it to me. With all the stuff I have I need to do just that. I mean I’ve had it in the attic and have forgotten about it, so why not? Like I said earlier it became overwhelming, so that would have been the perfect thing to do BUT I’m not sure if I’m ready to do that just yet. However, it is still an option that I might do later on. I might just take a peek first, but that negates the entire thing of if I haven’t seen it in all this time just throw it away. Sigh, decisions, decisions…

Finding time to de-clutter and detach from life and all that you experience from day to day takes a conscious effort. You have to find make time to clear your mind and home of unwanted items that block you from receiving new blessings. God wants to make sure you are able to handle what he blesses you with. Being unorganized and mentally all over the place stops you from receiving what God has for you.
Today, make the decision to de-clutter your life of things that no longer serves a purpose both mentally and physically. You never know what blessings you are missing out on because you are mentally clogged with unnecessary clutter. When you decide to rid yourself of all the unnecessary items in your life, you open yourself up for all new opportunities and blessings! DE-CLUTTER NOW….

Let’s Chat:

Have you figured out from today’s reading what needs to be de-cluttered from your life?
If so, what route are you going to take to de-clutter them?  
Do you know anyone or have you tried throwing away something that you have not seen in a while?

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