Tuesday, November 10, 2015

3 Reasons You Should Consider Blogging

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Doing well with blogging is not about writing one key post, it is about performing day after day and helping a few people at a time. ~ Aaron Wall

If you would have asked me years ago if I would have ever considered blogging, my answer would have been, NO. Growing up, I wasn’t the one to journal or write down my thoughts. I’m assuming it wasn’t something that interested me, so therefore I didn’t partake in having a diary. Some of my friends used journaling or writing in their diary as a means to express them feelings. It was their outlet to surviving in a world where like today we weren’t allowed to voice our opinion. What opinion? We were taught you don’t have an opinion, wait, you might have had one, but you better not voice it.

Looking back, I wish I did journal, so I could have something to reflect on. It would be interesting to know my thought process about the things I had gone through as a child. I hear many friends say that they can’t believe the things they wrote or their thought process growing up. It’s funny when they share some of their entries with me. To reflect how we viewed things through our young minds is truly amazing. It makes us appreciate how much we have grown.   

Years ago, (about 10 years or so) a friend gave me a cute little notebook with a nice meaningful sentence in it about writing down my thoughts. Of course, it remains unused. I tucked it away and didn’t think twice about it. My thoughts resided in my head never to be recorded. I guess I still couldn’t appreciate the memories it would have left me with as I grew older to reflect on. The lost opportunities of reminiscing on that part of my life through writing is a regret I carry. It’s funny how we see things in hindsight.

Fast forward to where I am in life today, a blogger. I would have never thought I would enjoy writing about my life and challenges I face. It truly is a joy to write and share my experiences about the various ways to handle life occurrences. It’s a blessing to be able to share how I’ve cope with life’s ups and downs and to be able to give other people suggestions to handles things that may occur in their lives.

Today, I use writing as therapy and a means to help others. Becoming a blogger has afforded me the opportunity to reach people across the globe. I’m able to express myself about things I’ve been through, going through, and the challenges I may be facing. While I've still not into journaling, becoming a blogger has helped me to express my feelings in a different way. It’s a way in that I can talk about what I’ve gone through but also in a way that I can help others.

If you’ve thought about becoming a blogger, whether it’s pertaining to hair, cooking, inspiration, motivation, fashion, make-up, or whatever you are passionate or your specialty is in, I would encourage you to do so. Here are three reasons I love blogging and you should consider it too:

1.       Relaxing – When I’m sitting down to write, a peace comes over me that’s unexplainable. It’s the calmness of taking out some “me time” and being able to just free style in my writing. It’s not always peaches n’ cream figuring out what I would like to talk about but being able to reflect is what relaxes me and gives me peace. Coming up with blogging ideas gives me the opportunity to do what I love and that’s sharing details of my life to help others.

2.       Informative – You can learn a lot becoming a blogger, as well as reading other blogs. When I first started blogging I was clueless. However, I just jumped out there and did it. I’ve learned along the way and still continue to learn. It’s just so much information out there. Blogging is in a world of its own. You also get the opportunity to share your knowledge about the things you enjoy most. What better way to share your talents than by becoming a blogger and teaching others.

3.       Fun – OMG, let’s not mention how fun blogging is! You get the opportunity to meet other bloggers at conferences and over the internet, making new friends in others states. Let’s not talk about taking pictures and trying to think of different props to use. The ideas you come up with and the strategies you use can sometimes be so hilarious. And, if you have an awesome and creative photographer that doesn’t mind asking businesses if we can take  pictures in their establishments, because I wouldn’t dare, it makes picture taking all the better. It’s just another positive and creative way to express your talents.

Deciding to become a blogger and sharing your thoughts with the world can be scary. So many thoughts will go through your mind. You’re thinking, would anyone read what I have to say. What do I have to say that will help someone? I realized everyone has a story. I also knew that someone could and would benefit from what I had to say. Regardless, if it’s one person or the world, I knew I could help someone.

My advice to you today is, if you have talents that you would like to share with others and you don’t know how to express them, create a blog. Writing behind the scenes without revealing who you are can be your starting point. Once you have built up enough self-confidence then reveal who you are. You would be surprise how many people use this technique to start. While this wasn’t a method I chose, I believe in using whatever tactic that works best for you to get you started. What’s most important is that you take the initial step to do so and the rest is history.

One last thing I would like to add is that blogging builds self-confidence.  After you’ve written that first post and FINALLY hit that send button and released all of the anxiety you’ve built up to HIT the send button, you’ve built self-confidence in yourself that you may not have noticed existed.


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