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3 Reasons You Should Let Go of Drama in Your Life

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Be free of the complexities of drama. Be free of those who live it and those who share it. You’ve been around long enough to see it can never be helpful; cut it away. ~ Steve Maraboli

Everyone has had to deal with drama at some point in their lives. Drama presents itself in various ways and comes in many different forms. Be it family, work, friendship, husband, wife, baby mama or baby daddy drama one can always say I’ve been there and done that.

Even though we have all dealt with drama and had our share of it, when do you get to a point in your life, too say enough is enough? Regardless of how we may have been in the past, when can we say, I’m tired of the unnecessary drama in my life and it’s time to let it go. It’s time to excuse myself from the drama and anyone that tries to bring drama into my life.
Are you at that point in your life?
I can remember growing up there was always some type of drama going on and many times I was always in the know. I knew practically everyone’s business and always had an opinion about something. If someone asked my opinion or even if they didn’t I would put my two cents in it. That was just the way it was and nobody was going to change that. As I reflect on my past and the things I have learned I now know that was a sign of immaturity. We’ve all experienced this and we have to grow to know.
It wasn’t until I became much older that I knew better. You know the saying “when you know better, you do better.” Today, I know better and I do my best to stay out of the mix of drama. I don’t have time to listen to the he say, she say mess and I stop people when I feel it’s leading up to that. I no longer ask additional questions. If you want me to know, I feel you will tell me, if not so be it. I have enough dealings in my own life, so other people’s business is no longer a concern of mine. That type of drama is no longer a part of my life and with that I’ve gained a certain type of peace.
Some people are still living with drama and seem to enjoy it. Unfortunately, it’s their way of life and what they live for. They wake up with it and go to bed with it. This behavior will not change until they are ready for it to change. If you are a part of this type of drama the best thing you can do is to remove yourself from the equation.
Again, I ask you, when is enough, enough?
Aren’t you tired of the drama?
Does drama seem to follow you everywhere you go?
Are you sure you are not part of the problem?
Speaking for myself and myself only, I know after I went through my stalking incident, my tolerance level became zero to negative. That was and occasionally still is enough drama to last me a lifetime. I don’t want to see any drama nor hear any drama. When I feel drama is about to go down I observe the situation and excuse myself from the equation. Life is too short to always be involved in something that is not one’s business. 
I’ve secluded myself from a lot of things when I went through my stalking ordeal and just didn’t get back into the mix of things. In that aspect, that was the best thing that could have happen, because I grew from that experience. Sometimes God, puts us in certain situations to teach us things. We might not understand it at the time but with prayer we come to understand why we had to go through the things we experienced. I’m not saying he had to teach me through that type of drama, but I am saying from that drama I learned I didn’t want nor had time to be in the mix of other people’s drama. I was drama out!
If you reflect on your life and realize you are always involved in drama, it’s time you re-evaluate your life and the people in it. Again, YOU could be the source of all of your own drama. Only you can honestly take a look at your life and determine this factor. I can be the first to tell you, drama robs you mentally. It’s always a thought in your mind and keeps you from living a life of calmness, rational thinking and stability.
I knew I needed to make a change in my life when everything started to work on my nerves and my patience became short. This is when I knew that I needed to remove myself from drama and all that it represented, people included. If drama has and is affecting your life, here are a few reasons to help you realize that you need to let go of drama in your life today.
1.       Health – Stress kills. Drama is nothing but stress disguised. Some drama can’t be prevented but the majority of drama can. It’s up to you to make the decision for your health what unnecessary drama you need to remove from your life. Only you have control over what drama you let enter into your life. I’m pretty sure you have enough drama dealing with your immediate household then have outside drama added into your life. The choice is always yours.  
2.       Peace – Drama steals your peace. I don’t know about you but since I let go of drama, I have peace and would not trade it for the world. Once you find peace, you will not let anything or anyone interfere with that. Peace is the best thing I could have found for my life and I make sure that I let no one take that away from me. It’s a personal choice you have to make and determine how bad you want it. Sometimes that means letting people go that seem to always bring drama into your life. Remember, it’s a health factor as well.
3.       Happiness – Yes, drama affects your happiness too. Only you can make the decision to be happy. If you are waiting on people to be happy, you will never be totally happy. You hold the key to your happiness. Drama shouldn’t make you happy. If it does, you need to evaluate your life because that means there’s something lacking in your life and you need to get to the root of the problem. Happiness shouldn’t be based on drama. If your happiness is based on drama, you still have a lot of growing up to do. Age has nothing to do with it, but growth does. Take some time and evaluate your life today and see what category you fall under. Determine if your happiness is based on other people’s drama. If it is, it’s time you work on yourself to find out what true happiness is. Evaluate yourself today.
Where you decide to be in your life today has a huge impact on the direction your life is set to go in. The things you allow to be in your life determines what type of life you will live. One of drama or one of being drama free. Today, I love my life because I don’t allow unnecessary drama to enter into it. I would be crazy to say that we can always be drama free. Life is life, and life does consist of some drama. One thing I can say is I have control over what drama I will not let enter into my life. You can only control the things you can, and believe it or not YOU have control over the things you allow to enter your life. Today, make the decision to live DRAMA FREE…
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Are you completely drama free other than the normal family drama we encounter from day to day?
What are you doing to keep yourself drama free?
In what ways has drama affected your life and you knew it was time for a change?
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