Tuesday, January 5, 2016

It's Official 2016 is Here; Look at My Goals

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Committing your goals to paper increases the likelihood of you achieving them by one thousand percent. Anonymous

So, we are officially in 2016!
Today, marks the 5th day of the New Year.

Are you off to a good start?

Have you put some plans in motion so that your 2016 can be prosperous? 
If you did not don’t fret, there’s still time to jot down some goals you have for yourself. It’s all about planning and executing in 2016! In the past I wasn’t a big planning person. I just winged it. Sometimes, that worked and sometimes it didn’t. Today however, I have made it a point to write things down so that I can see it in the natural. When I see my goals written, it gives me more of a visual of what direction I need to go in. It’s a work in progress but one that I am looking forward to see blossom.

I’ll share with you some of my goals for 2016 and hopefully it will give you an incentive to jot some things down to get the ball rolling.

Blog Goals:

1.       Rebrand my blog – This includes new logo, reformatting layout, changing color scheme, adding new features and taking out features that no longer work for my blog.

2.       Reach out to a larger audience – Do more networking, hand out business cards, and attend a blogging conference this year.

3.       Create a Media Page – This will allow sponsors to reach out to me so that I can work with small and large brands.

4.       Research adding AdSense – I’m ready to place some ads on my blog to earn money.

5.       Create a yearly editorial calendar – This will allow me to become more organized with writing and scheduling blog post for future posting.

Personal Goals:

1.       Church – I already serve as a Eucharistic Minister and Lector but I want to become more actively involved with church events.

2.       Prayer Time – I would like to set aside more time to spend with God. I’m not a morning person but I do thank God every morning before I get out of bed. I would like to create a routine to get up a little earlier during the week before work and spend some quiet time with God.  Some days are better than others.

3.       Volunteering – I use to volunteer all the time. Life occurrences has gotten in the way and stopped me from regularly providing my time. I would like to start getting back involved with helping others.

4.       Become a mentor – I believe we should all give back our time and help others with the knowledge we have acquired along the way. Our younger and some older generations need help with learning how to love themselves and appreciate themselves more.

5.       Vision Board Party – I did a vision board party in January of 2015 and everyone loved it. I have been asked when I was going to have another one. Some people that attended did not believe in them at first but after the first party, it changed their mind and they often reflected on their board. Many of them saw their goals come into fruition. My plan is to implement one twice a year.

6.       Quality-Time – Spend more quality time with family and friends. Try to have family and friends over once a month for drinks, food, fun and games. The last two years have been very difficult for me, and the last few days of December even more so. Even though 2016 started off shaky as well, I declare 2016, will be my best year yet. It’s about nurturing relationships in 2016.

Professional Goals:

1.       Freelance Writer – I would like to become a freelance writer and eventually make that a part of my multiple-streams of income. I believe in having multi side hustles. My plan is to reach out to some freelance writers whose stories I have read in articles and newspapers and see if they would mentor me or guide me in the right direction to get started.

2.       Writing Classes – I will look into taking some independent writing classes to enhance my writing skills so that I can eventually start writing for well-known magazines and newspapers.

3.       Avon Representative – I’m an Avon Representative! I use to sell about nine years ago for 14 years and did really well. My clientele was very large and the income base was very profitable. I have been selling back for a year now and have not built my clientele like it once was. My plan is to create a strategy to build my empire to be better than it was nine years ago. As I stated above, I like to have multiple streams of income coming in.

When we write our goals, look at them and study them it creates a desire in us that makes us want to see our goals accomplished. If not all accomplished at least some that you can cross a line across. There is nothing like being able to say I have accomplished this now on to the next one. Goals are solely for your purpose, it’s to motivate you to accomplish more and be more in life. It is that drive that motivates you and does not let anyone tell you, you cannot do anything you put your mind and heart into. That’s that goal-driven living type of way!
Now that you have read some of my goals that I have jotted down for 2016, I hope it will motivate you to pick up a pen and paper or journal and get to writing. The goals I have listed here are just some of the things I seek to accomplish in 2016. I have others as well, that I have not shared. My reasoning for having shared these are because sometimes we need to see other people’s goals to help us get the ball rolling. If sharing some of my personal and professional goals helps you then I know I have done my part in helping others blossom into the person they are destined to be.
Let’s Chat:

Have you written down your goals for 2016?

What steps are you taking to see them manifest?

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