Tuesday, March 22, 2016

3 Reasons You Should Open Up Your Heart to Love Again

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May you surrender your defenses open your heart and love freely. Anonymous

We have all been hurt a time or two. Some more than others. However, this should not be a reason that we do not allow love into our lives today or for the future. The great thing about past hurts are that they are a part of our past. We do not need to bring them into our present or future. Should we be more aware? Of course we should, but we should not let one bad apple or two stop us from opening up our heart again to love or to be loved. We have the ability to heal from past hurts and move forward with our lives.

When we allow our hearts to be mended we stand a better chance at happiness again in our lives. Seeking counseling or using another alternative such as spiritual guidance or yoga is an excellent form of therapy. Being able to come to terms with past hurts is necessary for the healing process.

Being happy is always a goal of mine. Sure we go through things in life and have our hearts broken. I have learned this is a part of life that we must experience. And ok, I am sure we have broken other people’s hearts as well. So we have experienced both ends of the spectrum. Therefore, we must learn from both ends of the equation. Meaning, what can we do better as a person in relationships as well as observe the actions of others to know the signs. There is always a lesson in every heartbreak and we have to identify if it was a lesson or a blessing.

Deciding to leave the past behind you is a process. It takes time and patience. I always say, I have to process the situation as it is. Take it apart and look at it from all angles and see what I have learned. My next step is to let the shit go and move forward. Holding on to past hurts can consume you and before you know it 10 to 15 years have passed! You are then left feeling like your whole life has been a waste.

I know the majority of people want to feel love and be loved in their lives. No one wants to grow old by themselves and guess what, no one should have to. You have the ability to let this happen if you open your mind and allow you and your heart to heal.

Here are three reasons why it is important to open your heart to love again: 
1.       Companionship – Learning to open your heart to love allows you to find a companion that is worthy of your love. Someone that if worthy, you can build a relationship that you have always wanted. One based on love and trust.

2.       Happiness – Face it, regardless of what you may think, you deserve to be happy. By opening up your heart to love again you are giving yourself a chance to be happy with the right person. One that when he or she enters the room, you just beam with the delight. 

3.       Release Past Hurts – When you open up your heart to love again, it means you have dealt with the hurt of the past and are ready to move forward. The hurt no longer holds you captive to something that once pained you every time you thought about it.  

Love is something we have all experienced. Whether it was true love or not it is still a part of love and it involves your heart. Countless people have said in articles that we shouldn’t let one bad apple spoil our happiness or allow us to give up on finding meaningful relationships. While that is easier said than done, it can be done, it just takes time and patience. So be patient with yourself.

Believing in ourselves to do the work required to allow us to open up our hearts for present and future love is important, not only for our love life but our day to day relationships. When we open our mind and heart all things are possible. Remember, you deserve happiness, so do not allow anything to hold you back from achieving that. If you do, you are being held captive to the person that has hurt you while they have moved on with their lives. Do yourself a favor and release past hurts and move on. Focus on yourself and give yourself a chance to love again!

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