Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Be Proud Of Your Life, OWN It

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“Born This Way” is about being yourself and loving who you are and being proud!  Lady Gaga

Today, I am all about owning the life you are given. I have not always been at this point in my life. It took prayer and some deep soul searching for me to get to this stage. It seems so weird for me to say this because for so long, I have felt that I was not afforded some of the tangible luxuries as others. What I mean by this is that whereas other families have family estates, funds, and other trinkets passed downed, I have not.

Having become comfortable with my life I no longer have this mind frame. It really just goes to show you how the mind works. How, if we are not careful with our thoughts, it consumes what we think. I am thankful that I came to terms with my old feelings and was able to release the thoughts of jealousy that once held me captive.

Instead of thinking about what I was not afforded or passed down I now channel my energy into something positive. I have redirected my focus to building a legacy that my child and her child (ren) and theirs can build upon and so forth. By doing so, I am not letting those negative thoughts transpire into my mind and wreak havoc over my life.
When we decide to be proud of our lives we are able to welcome new possibilities. Our possibilities begin to broaden and we can think about how we can change the spectrum for our generation y or our off-spring.

Not long ago a friend girl and I were talking about legacies and unbeknownst to me she held these same thoughts. It solidified my feelings and made me aware that my feelings were shared by others at one time or another. 
We are only human, so when we see families that have been afforded such opportunities we can only think well why haven’t or why didn’t I? It’s human nature to have these thoughts. The only difference between you and I is that I have just put it out there and no longer hold these thoughts in my mind.

It’s not to say I am ungrateful for what I have or about my life, it is just a thought about how life works. Some people had theirs handed down to them and other’s worked hard for theirs. I’ve come to accept that I have to work for mine. It does make me appreciate what I have accomplished because I can look back and say through hard work and sweat I was able through the will of God, to be where I am today in my life.
Of course, everyone wants to give their children things he or she did not have. I know for a fact the majority of parents have made the statement that they want to provide their children with the things they were not afforded to have. It is not to say that one is unappreciative of the way a parent raised them, it is just a way of life and wanting your child to have a better life and experience things that you were not able to do so.

Never feel ashamed because you want better for your child or children. There is nothing wrong with wanting to provide your family with the finer things in life. However, don’t let your will of wanting to provide better for your children dictate the rationalization of why you are wanting to. Remember, if you are on the lower end of the spectrum our parents did the best they could with what they had and that is a blessing.

Today, I challenge you to be proud of who and where you are in life. OWN IT! Next, if you had thoughts of why you were not afforded certain luxuries, channel those thoughts into something positive. Work on building a legacy so that your children, children’s children and so forth will have something that can be pass down for generations. Just because it was not done for you, does not mean you can’t turn the tables around and begin a new tradition. It is not all about material possessions but something that generations down the line can have that is tangible.

Let’s Chat:
Are you proud of your life and what you have accomplished?

Have you ever thought about not having a trust fund or other assets will down to you?

How does it make you feel?