Tuesday, May 17, 2016

8 Actions to Be a Better Friend

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A friend is one of the nicest things you can have and one of the best things you can be. ~ Anonymous

Because every once in a while, we can all be a better friend. We’ve all been down this road, where things have become busy in our lives and we tend to lose touch with the ones we love. It’s not done on purpose but life does get in the way from keeping and maintaining close friendships. Knowing this we should be intentional with trying our best to find time to talk, share a laugh, show concern and be there for the ones that are dear to our hearts.

I know for me personally since my grand-baby has been born, my normal behavior of sending out text messages or calling and checking on ones periodically has decreased. Since she’s been born, my primary focus has been her. Morning, noon, and night and I wouldn’t have it any other way. With me knowing this lately I have tried to be intentional with sending out text messages. Whether those messages are done right when I get up in the morning or before I lay down to sleep, I try to make sure I’m keeping in touch with everyone until my load lightens a bit and I’m able to resume a little of free time to reconnect through lunch and so forth.

It is important we realize that if the relationship is of value to us then it is worth nurturing. How we go about our nurturing is up to us. If we should choose to place a phone call, send a text, an email, a card in the mail, use social media, a lunch date, or book a girl’s trip, I believe we must be intentional with making sure our friends know how important they are to us.

While all of these means of communication may not be feasible I know one or two are. Therefore, we should never allow so much time to get away from maintaining genuine and loyal friendships.

In short, true and genuine friendships are a blessing. With all of our blessings we should appreciate and care for them. Why wait until something drastic happens and have regrets because we couldn’t find a small window of time to reach out to the ones we love.

Here are a few actions that I intentionally started using to get me back on track with reconnecting to the ones I love. As I have realized that I have been off the radar with being an intentional friend, I hope you realize how important it is to make some minor adjustments to your schedule and reconnect with friends that are valuable to you.

1.       Call – All it takes is a quick phone call to say I have been thinking about you and want you to know I miss and love you.

2.       Visit – If you can take a 30-minute lunch then make it happen. Whatever means of visitation that you have time to pencil in your schedule is well worth it for someone that you call a friend.

3.       Listen – Sometimes all a person needs is a listening ear without judgment and nothing else.

4.       Be loyal – A trusted friend comes a dime a dozen, be that person that is true in loyalty and character.

5.       Be there – Sometimes sitting there with a friend is all that is needed.

6.       Tell the true – Be honest regardless of the outcome. You should be able to tell real friends the truth.

7.       Remain friends despite a person’s choice in life – We all make different choices for our lives. Whether you agree or not with a person’s choice of life remain friends. You never know you can be a positive factor for someone to turn their life around if it is headed in the wrong direction.

8.      Be happy when they are on top – Not only should we be there in time of grief, depression or whatever sad occasion that may occur, we should also be there to celebrate in times of success. Cheer your sister-friend on in times of accomplishments.

Life happens I get that! However, in the midst of all our busyness we should intentionally find the time to stay connected to the ones we love. I could not imagine my world without my friends. It’s like a lemon-drop martini without the lemon. Who does that? (Don’t judge me) My friends are truly a gift that I cherish. We are there for one another in our times of ups and downs. We are here to love and be loved by one another. Knowing the world we live in it’s important that we cherish the ones we love and start by intentionally finding more time in our schedule to ensure our friends know they are cherished and loved.

Let’s Chat:

What are some of the actions that you use to show your friends they are cherished and loved?