Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Everything Gotta Go! 3 Tips to Release the HOARDER in YOU

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Hoarding is a Selfish Act*Let It Go & Bless Others ~ Anonymous

It is 4:39 in the morning and I am at the point where everything has to go. Every day I have something going on in my life that in my opinion makes for an interesting post. This week I'm dealing with detachment issues from personal to household things. I know if I'm dealing with some of these issues so are others.

I no longer want to see things tucked away in this or that corner when I enter certain parts of my home. I fight with this aspect often in my quest to make my home a more livable and enjoyable place to be. Mentally and physically the strength if not the will is always there to keep this quest up.

I sometimes feel I have out grown my home but in reality all I need to do is reorganize some things and get rid of items that no longer serve a purpose. We sometimes believe if I have a bigger home then I will have a place for everything. If we really sit down and think about this we know this theory is not true. A larger home is not always the answer. If you cannot manage the space you have now then all a larger home will do is allow you to collect more things and eventually down the road you will find yourself in the same predicament.

As I have become older, I want less junk and more comfort. I have learned that a bigger and more spacious home does not necessarily make this happen. If not managed and organized a bigger home will concede an opportunity to buy more items that you do not need and I definitely do not need the space to hoard more things.

As I lay here typing at now 5:00 am on my iPhone in my note section, I am wondering while my quest to release the hoarder within me is great will I actually be able to put forth more effort to do something about it since I have now acknowledged it on paper. Not to just think about it but to actually put forth the effort and start making it happen. At this time of the night or should I say early morning the thought of it sounds so good but when daylight strikes and so many other things takes priority, will this actually become something that will happen or stay in the forefront of my mind.

Are you fighting these same issues?

If you are like me and at the point of your life that everything must go here are 3 tips I thought about that can assist with releasing the hoarder in you and me:

1.       Garage Sale – This is an excellent idea if you are the type of person that loves garage sales. I have gathered items and stored them away with the intention of having a garage sale but when the time comes and I think about the preparation that is needed to do so I become overwhelmed and decide against it. However, it is still a choice for me to consider to become hoarder free. I also like the fact that you can earn some extra money and add a little change to your wallet. You can never go wrong with this idea. Ching-Ching!

2.       Donate – If the garage sale tip is not for you, then consider donating your items. There are plenty of organizations that will gladly accept your items. You can also use this tip for a tax write off. This is method I pretty much use to help me get rid of my items. In my opinion it is easier and stress free.

3.       Consignment – If donating is not a good option for you, then consider consignment. I have some items that I do not want to donate because I feel that I have invested too much money in and just don’t want it to go with anyone. I want to know these items are going to a good home. This is also another way to earn money.

The process of elimination can be a force to be reckon with. Releasing the hoarder in you takes time. Personally for me, when I have had enough, I have had enough. My suggestion for you is to not throw everything into the trash all at once. I know it’s easier said than done, when you have gotten to this point of everything must go. If you cannot decide to toss or keep an item, put it in a box for 6 months. If you haven’t used these items nor thought about them, then I would say it is easier to choose which tip is feasible for you. Remember, do not be so hard on yourself and become overwhelmed. This will only cause you to stop the process and put it on the back-burner yet again. Just take it one day at a time, and make sure you are seeing progress in releasing the hoarder in you.

Now as I sum all of this up, I know if I don't stop jotting down these notes at this time of the morning and get some zzzzz's before my grand-baby wakes up the will to do anything is out the door. (lol)  So many obstacles can easily stand in your way to do the things you want and need to do.

Let’s Chat:

Which tip or tips is feasible to release the hoarder in you?