Tuesday, May 24, 2016

3 Driving Forces for Why I Birthed My Blog

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When You Stand and Share Your Story in An Empowering Way, Your story will Heal You and Help Someone Else ~ Iyanla Vanzant

I was never the one to keep a diary or journal growing up. I have shared with you all before that I am not the journaling type. So imagine when I shocked myself and created a blog. When I decided to forge ahead and step out of my comfort zone to create my blog, I was embarking on a new journey for my life.

One that will unlike my past leave me with memories I can look back on and reminisce about the good ole’ days. It saddens me when I think about not partaking in the girlie girl dairy days. I missed an opportunity to jot down my thoughts, feelings, and/or ideas as well as other things that occurred growing up.

Embarking on this new journey in my life has allowed me to dig deep within myself and share intimate details of my life. It has afforded me the opportunity to share with my audience how I have dealt with things that occurred in my life.

Sharing my trials and tribulations of being a parent, a stalking victim, learning to love myself as well as being confident in the skin I’m in, my goal is to show others that it’s never too late to find out who you are and walk in your purpose.

Since blossoming into my purpose, I have a new perspective on life. I no longer view things with a closed mind on various subjects like I once did. I’d like to think that by me opening myself up to my audience that I’m helping others identify who they are.

Some people blossom right from the start. For others it is not that easy. Stepping out of your shell into something new is a process and takes courage. Changing your perspective on various topics that you once held a closed mind to is what it is about. This is called, growth. It truly has been rewarding and definitely has been worth it to me and so many others.

I’d like to add that since creating my blog, others have reached out to me saying that my words have been inspirational. It warms me heart to know that I have an impact on others through my words. In my opinion it is all about helping others. So if that means sharing a part of me to the world, then I am about making that sacrifice. This is one of the driving forces that led me to create my blog, to help others.

I have learned a lot about myself since A Blossoming Butterfly was birthed. I once thought it would be hard to share my experiences, my ups and downs as well as my views on any given subject. I am happy to say, when my blog was created, everything just flowed. Topics were not even a problem. Lol. You can truly find any given story within your life. And lately, my life has truly been a story to tell, like others.

With that said, here are the 3 driving forces that led me to create “From A Caterpillar to “A Blossoming Butterfly”:     

1.       As an Outlet – I use my blog as a dairy of sorts. It’s been my venting space. A place where I vent about the things that have occurred in my life. From personal to professional to relationships. I have learned so much about myself. It has allowed me to grow while allowing me to let out my frustrations about life in itself.

2.       For Peace – My blog gives me peace. I turn to it for solace. It’s my go to, to breathe, exhale, and relate. It’s that waiting to exhale moment that we all like to experience. The same type of peace I get from working in my flowerbed is the same type of peace I feel with my blog. It is my comfort zone to write and be free like a butterfly. 

3.       To Help Others – The response I have received since creating my blog has been phenomenal.  Sharing parts of my life, dealing with my daughter and other incidents that have occurred in my life is my primary focus for creating my blog. By creating my blog I have opened my life to help others deal with the things that is going on in their lives. . I do not allow my life story to hinder me, nor am I ashamed of what has occurred. Our stories all though different are similar in some form or fashion. The difference with me than with some others is, I’m willing to use mine to be a blessing and help others.

Take the time to write notes and to keep a journal. OR, do like me and birth a blog. With whatever decision you choose to use, you will be so glad you did. What a treasure to leave behind when you go. What a treasure to enjoy today while you are here! I have only been blogging for about two years but I like to look back at some of my previous post. By having a blog or journal you can go back and see your growth. Your perspective change as you age, it’s good to have a reference point.

I am truly surprise that I have shared some of the things that I have. I never thought I could really open up and share the things that I have, but guess what? I did. Honestly, I had never given it a second thought about sharing my life’s journey until “A Blossoming Butterfly” was birth. It has been a growth experience for me. A truly delightful one. I’m so glad I embarked on this journey!

Join me and embark on your own personal journey.

Let’s Chat:

If you have or if you were to create a blog, what is or would be your primary reason for doing so?