Tuesday, July 5, 2016

3 Reasons You Should Always Strive to Be Your Best

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Never Stop Striving for the Best that is Within You. ~ Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Each waking hour we think about steps to move forward in life. We think about strategic ways that we can advance in our professional and personal lives. With either choice we are looking to achieve success. Without knowing if there are specific objectives that we should be working towards to achieve this success our focus should always be to strive to be and do our best.

Not long ago I was approached about a networking opportunity. All I can say is you never know who is watching you. It is wise to always conduct yourself in positive light in which you would like to be seen and a manner in which you would like to be approached.

When I was approached about this particular opportunity I was ecstatic. It was something I had been praying and dreaming about. You see when we decide we want something in life, we have to position ourselves for it.  We have to do everything in our ability that is within reason so that when the time comes we are prepared.

Speaking firsthand, I always pride myself in striving to be the best. There are so many things I want to come into existence for my life. Therefore, in order for these things to manifest, I have to make sure I am prepared.

Here I share with you three reasons you should always strive to be your best:

1.      Self-Improvement – When we strive to be our best, we are working on ourselves. We are building ourselves up for both our professional and personal lives. We are building on our character and integrity. We are saying we want to achieve success and in doing so we our preparing ourselves for greatness.

2.     You never know who’s watching – We come across people every day in our lives. Whether we are seeking advancement in a professional setting or for personal reasons our focus should always be to be our best in any type of setting. We never know who is in our presence to take us to the next stage in our lives. Therefore, it is always wise to be on your best behavior in any given setting.

3.      Opportunity for growth - By striving to be the best in our lives, we are opening doors for opportunity. Whether the opportunity is geared towards our personal or professional lives is yet to be seen. Therefore, it is important that we invest in ourselves. You never know where the opportunity will come from. And, in saying that we should always be ready when the opportunity is presented to us.

Striving to be our best is a continuous process. It is not something you do one day and not the next. We should always be working on ourselves to be the best. Sometimes opportunities come a dime a dozen. Other times, we are not so lucky. With that said, we should always have the mind frame that this opportunity may never come again and therefore give it all we have.

In striving to give it our best and be the best we will achieve more. When we decide to push the limits we expand our base knowledge therefore opening more doors than previously. All things are possible when we set our sight on new heights. Things that at one time looked unachievable actually becomes achievable.

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