Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tuesday's Talk With D ~ Motivational Talk

Tuesday's Talk With D, Tuesday, Motivation, Inspiration

Remember, starting strong is good, finishing strong is epic! 
Finish Strong…

It’s September 27th, wow, it’s funny how this year is almost over. Time has truly flown by. We are now down to the last three months of this year!

Have you scratched off items on your bucket list for this year or reached any of your goals?

Are there things you still have to accomplish before this year is out?

Well, don’t fret about it. You still have the 4th quarter of the year to scratch items off or accomplish goals you have set on your bucket list.

The question is, are you ready to buckle down and put in the extra work required to finish this year strong?

In the beginning of the year we have the best intentions when we set our goals and bucket list. We set out to accomplish everything on our list. In the midst of trying to scratch items off our list, life happens. And of course, we are set back. At times, this can put a damper on our plans and cause us to become stagnant at accomplishing what we originally planned.

I want to tell you that regardless of where you are in life and what you have not accomplished thus far this year, there is still time left on the clock. There is still time to make goals and accomplish them.There is still time to take that class, to apply for that job, to schedule that dream vacation, to pay off those bills, and to buy that dream home.

There is still time to have that special man or woman enter your life and be the person God has sent them to be. So, please believe just because we are in the last of the 3rd quarter of the year things still have time to manifest in your life.

Therefore, whatever is still on your list, continue working on it. Don’t become discourage because there is only three months left in this year. In three months a lot can be accomplished. Remember, this time will pass by whether you are productive are not, so why not finish this year strong!

With that said, believe in yourself and finish this year strong!

Are you going to finish strong?