Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Sassy Superwomen Rock ~ Women Supporting Women

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I always believed that one woman’s success can only help another woman’s success. Gloria Vanderbuilt

If feels good to be at an event where women support each another. On Saturday, October 8th, I had the opportunity to attend a “Survivor Networking Conference.” The event was called “Sassy Superwomen Rock!!!” Originally, I was asked to be a speaker but because of a prior engagement I declined. Because, I couldn’t attend I decided to promote my Avon business and participate in the swag bag inserts. I also donated gift bags of Avon products for door prizes.

Well, wouldn’t you know those plans fell through? In the beginning, I was a little upset but then I thought at least I will be able to attend this awesome event. And, I’m so glad I did. You know, sometimes you can’t always look at the negative of the situation. You have to find the positive and trust me there’s always one, no matter how small it may seem.

The conference was fabulous!

The speakers were phenomenal!

The mission of the conference was to come together, network, motivate, encourage and support businesses by black  women. There were many vendors set up displaying their businesses. It was amazing to see all of the women in attendance. And, what captivated the moment even further was seeing women support other women by purchasing merchandise. When I tell you, you could feel the love and the supportive in the building, it was incredible to witness.

The event was hosted by the celebrity host Tyressa Ty, a television and radio personality and she did an amazing job. Her mission was to motivate, inspire and entertain and she came through delivering them all. She prayed, danced, joked, and encouraged, I mean she had the crowd on “Fiyah” the entire time. Whew, I am amped up just thinking about how amazing the conference turned out.

To kick start the event, it was led by a prayer. And, what a prayer it was. The minister had us in church in there. It was a positive and uplifting way to start the event off.

Survivor stories were told by women that have triumphed over devastation in their lives. Attendees set in awe listening to the stories of these amazing women. To hear these women share their stories about their losses and how they beat the odds was nothing short of astonishment. Each of these women credit God as seeing them through their troubled times. These women have triumphed over drugs, the loss of children, brain surgery and domestic violence. The strength of these women were incredible. Some had never shared stories of their past. I mean we sat there in shock. To see this women, one would have never imagined what all they had experienced. That goes to show you, you can never judge a book by its cover.

Some of these women had to dig deep within their soul to tell their stories. Many were torn with whether or not it was time to share their pain of the past. In the end, their decision to share their stories and how they survived won. For them this was necessary to bless someone else. These women were about sharing their pain in order to help someone else out in the audience that may be experiencing the same or something similar in their lives.

This event was filled with encouragement and I was pleased that I was able to a part of something that was so positive and invigorating. When I surveyed the room all I saw were smiles. Women were genuinely interested in what was being said from these survivors.

If I haven’t said it before, I’ll say it now, this is an event that highlighted the once victim of circumstances to the now conquers. It was very heartfelt to be in the building with all of these women that once experienced all of this pain and to hear how they were able to overcome such tragedies that once plagued their lives.

Through hard work, sweat and tears, I genuinely believed the goal that was set up by the organizer was accomplished. Better yet, I know it was accomplished. This event had been a long dream for the organizer and with the work put in it by her and her survivor networking crew it surpassed anything that her mind could have fathomed. To see her face light up during the event was one to be captured.

To sum everything up, I will say that I look forward in the future to seeing more events such as this that highlight women, their business and how women have overcome obstacles in their lives.

Here are some pictures of the event:

Organizer of event ~ Elissa B

Celebrity Host ~ Tyressa Ty

Keynote Speaker ~ Yalandra M.

Miss Black Louisiana USA by Nakia Noel Wilson
Miss Teen Zachary

Power 26 Dancers

Power 26 Dancers


Fashion Show model

Fashion Show model
Vendor - C-Marie's Apparel by Tangula
Vendors and Speakers

Vendor ~Author Paula Johnson-Hutchison




Poet Kimberly Noble Calhoun

Vendor~Mary Kay by Pamela Boudreaux Vessel
Leading Ladies


Me supporting Momprenuer Yalandra M.

My goodies I purchased.