Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The "BoomBox Classic" Rivalry Did Not Disappoint Fans

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Rivalry isn’t hate, it is a partnership in disguise. If you want to give it your all and be your best, you need a rival. Without one you wouldn’t be your best, you wouldn’t give it your all. ~ Anonymous 

The rivalry between two well respected historically black universities did not disappoint fans on October 15, 2016. Jackson State University and Southern University drew crowds from all over the state. This particular game was an anticipated sell out. The enormous amount of fans that attended this game, have been supporting both colleges for years.

It is a well-known fact that the game is not the only rivalry between the two colleges. The competition far exceeds the game. The battle between the two schools’ marching bands is another focus that holds the crowds interest. Half-Time between these two universities is a portion of the game that fans do not want to miss. Everyone sits there in anticipation of what the two universities is about to bring. The crowds roar in excitement. The crowds were pumped up. You can forget the restroom and snack break when these two bands are getting ready to come on the field.

If you have never attended, it is something you would have to experience to truly understand. The anticipation leading up to this particular game for fans is incredible. When it comes down to these two schools, people plan well in advance. Long before the game has arrived, people have already scheduled off from work. Menus are prepared for tailgating. Liquor is packed. Rooms are booked and of course attire is already laid out. You better believe men and women are prepared to be slayed. It is also a known fact that with some of these outfits, just because it was made, it did not mean, that it was made for that person to wear it, I’m just saying, lol… There’s one in every bunch. In the end, this is an event that many fans do not miss.

This game is filled with mixing and mingling, music, teamwork, spirit, and a whole lot of fun. It is these things that bring people together. It is also the reason that we all love college football.

Through its unique ability to draw fans and bring people together from all over the state to celebrate both teams in the SWAC (Southwestern Athletic Conference) and to have it televised on national television, I would say is a major accomplishment.  

My fiancĂ© is one of the commenter’s for Jackson State so I had the opportunity to sit in the press box. Sitting there from atop and being able to look at the entire stadium filled with that many fans was unbelievable. I was able to take pictures from all angles. Seeing things from that far up really put things in perspective. And, that perspective is that fans do not play about their football! When both teams come to represent, they truly represent.

I heard several people say throughout the evening, “When Southern University comes, they come to take over, lol… And, that they did. It was hilarious to hear some of Jackson State fans say, “first Southern come to take over our city, then take over our State Fair, and take over our hotels and now today, Saturday they want to embarrass us,” lol, it was all said in good fun.

If you have never attended a SWAC game, you should think about attending one. It is an experience that is indescribable. I can promise you once you have the opportunity to attend one, you will always find a way to attend another.

To sum everything up, Southern rallied against Jackson State with a score of 28-24 and you better believe the words spoken by some of Jackson State fans, Southern did take over Jackson, Mississippi!

Here are some of the pictures that I captured from the press box as well as some I took while walking around enjoying the fans having a good time.   

I hope you all enjoyed the pictures! Hopefully, one day you’ll have some memories of your own HBCU football game pictures to share…