Tuesday, February 14, 2017

My Migraine Blues

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If one more person tells me stress is causing my migraines I will scream… Anonymous

Since, last Tuesday, I’ve been dealing with excruciating migraines. When the pain first hit, I thought it was just my basic headache, something that a Stanback, or BC powder and coke could fix. It became apparent when my headache didn’t go away within a couple of hours that this was not an ordinary headache.

I mean I get headaches often but nothing that normally last more than a day. The last time I had this type of head was back in 2012 to 2014. At one point of time I was on medication daily to maintain or prevent these headaches from coming. When I noticed that my headaches wasn’t as frequent I stopped taking the medication. That was back in 2014. I’ve been good with an occasional headache until my attack last week at work.

It was a normal morning, I did my routine of praying, saying my affirmation, claiming, believing and receiving that, that day was going to be an awesome and fabulous day. I was expecting and put it in the universe that something fantastic was going to happen.

Well, something happened but it wasn’t fantastic. I was sitting at my desk when all of a sudden my day took a turn for the worse. It was an excruciating and throbbing pain in my head. I decided to take my regular regimen of a BC and coke to kill the pain. Well instead of it getting better I begin squinting my eyes at my desk and then the nausea came.  I eventually, asked my co-worker for her sunglasses to continue working, because as I previously stated my headache would only last for a couple of hours and wasn’t typically that bad.

As I sat at my desk trying to work, the headache became worse and I was no longer functional because my movement was causing me to become nauseated. Along with that, is the stiffness of my shoulder and neck area. At times, the pain is on my right side other times it’s both. I eventually told my boss I could no longer hang in there I needed to go home and take some medicine to get rid of this headache or so I thought. I ended up being out of work for the rest of that week. All I could do was lay down with the lights off, eye mask on, cover over my head, blinds closed and sometimes with the TV on with no volume.

Fast-forward to today, I’m back at work and still dealing with this migraine. I went to my primary doctor on Friday, the 10th and was given a shot along with two medications. While that eased the pain, it hasn’t taken the pain away completely, therefore causing me to still have continued discomfort. All of my medications has to be taken at night therefore, I'm at work enduring discomfort.

I’ve called my neurologist from 2014 and all of his associates and there’s no availability until March 1st. The nurse there told me combining both medications at night to work together would help to stop the pain and unfortunately that’s how migraines are. I tried that the last night and still no relief. I’m truly short of going to the emergency room and seeing if they could give me a stronger pain medicine through an IV to see if that will stop the pain.  

FYI: It took everything out of me to write this post, because I truly do not feel like doing anything but laying down with my eyes closed but life does go on and pain don’t last always. I promised myself and my audience I would be consistent when I came off my hiatus at the first of the year, so I wanted to update you all, on what’s going on in my world these days.

I ask one last thing of you all and that’s to join in prayer with me that my migraines will cease in the mighty name of Jesus.

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