Friday, March 24, 2017

3 Reasons It's Good to Join Social Media Groups

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Strangers can be best friends, just as easy as best friends and family can become strangers. ~ Anonymous

We all would love supportive family and friends. But, let’s face it, we all are not privileged to have them. (The Hate is Real!) For a long time I couldn’t understand that because I’m a big supporter of others, be it family, friends, and/or strangers. I don’t always receive the same level of support I give. While, I don’t let that stop my shine, I felt it to be disappointing. It did teach me that, everybody will not celebrate with you at every stage or at any stage in your life. It has nothing to do with you. When I truly grasped and understood that concept, I was able to dismiss it and keep it moving. And, have been moving ever since. (Ha!)

Now, I’m at a stage in my life, excuse me if I’m being blunt BUT I don’t care if you support me or not. I’m going to do what I enjoy doing and what makes me happy as long as it’s not detrimental to me or that of others.

Don’t get me wrong, I love when people support me, BUT, if you don’t it doesn’t stop the process of my flow. I’ve learned that some people can’t support you because they themselves are not together therefore they can’t celebrate you. Sometimes your light shining makes others uncomfortable. It forces them to evaluate themselves. Oh well, SHINE BRIGHT!

That is where joining support groups come into play. Social Media offers a ton of groups with people in your niche and find themselves in the same situation as you do. These are people that are genuine and are looking for encouragement and/or motivation to continue moving forward, just like you.

Joining support groups is an excellent opportunity to receive the support you so eagerly seek from family and friends. Although, it doesn’t take the place of loved ones support it does offer the opportunity to meet new people. People that are seeking the same support you are.

I love the opportunity to meet new people, people that I can network with, support, and possibly build friendships with. These are people from all over the world. People that genuinely have your best interest at heart.

Here are 3 reasons I believe joining Facebook groups are good for people that finds themselves in a position of not being supported by family and friends.

1.       Support – I’ve found that the groups on Facebook offers just that, support. For some this makes a world of difference. Having someone that believes in your mission and cheers you on is a motivator to continue moving forward.

2.       Similar Goals – When we connect on Facebook, we have the opportunity to find others that share similar goals. This is an opportunity to gain ideas. A perfect way to see what is or what may not be working for you or them.

3.       Networking Opportunities – In joining Facebook groups we have networking opportunities that we may not otherwise have. We gain knowledge on topics that may not be available elsewhere. There’s knowledge on available jobs, training and/or contact information for businesses we may be looking for. This is a chance to connect with people worldwide.

Since I’ve joined some of the new Facebook groups, I’ve learned a wealth of information. From, available side-hustle jobs to connecting with people from different backgrounds, I’ve gained an insight whereas I wouldn’t have had, had I not joined. I’ve found these groups to be genuine. I’ve also found them to be blunt but truthful when you ask questions about something or requested feedback on.

With that said, it is my opinion that, if you find yourself in the position of not having the support from family and/or friends you think you deserve, try searching Facebook groups that fits your niche. Ask to join them. And, be on your way to not only receiving support but also being supportive of people that may be feeling the same as you.

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