Thursday, October 12, 2017

Avon's Steal of the Day

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Anyone who tells you money can’t buy happiness doesn’t know where to shop! ~ Anonymous

I’m loving this little Deal of the Day that Avon offers to their Representatives! Avon calls it a deal and I call it a steal. Because, at this price it's a steal. I was able to get this flirty little green sundress for only $5.99. Yasssss, honey $5.99. I also, purchased the black one as well…

Does it sound like I need to go to a shopaholic anonymous meeting? No, oh ok… lol

Now, how can you pass that up? YOU CAN’T…

I love how the dress flows against my body. It’s just so cuute! The knitted lace circles are a great feature added to the top of the sundress. I just love the sexy appeal that it gives off.

To keep the look professional for work, I decided to pair it with a three-quarter-sleeve shrug cream colored cardigan and a pair of rainbow colored flip flops. It worked out perfectly. Of course, for an evening out I would ditch the cardigan and flip flops and through on a pair of heels and strut on about my business.

I immediately received a compliment on it when I dropped my grand girl off to daycare. Of course, I had to tell them it was Avon. Unfortunately, I had to break the bad news that it was no longer available for sale. BUT, it was the perfect opportunity to talk to them about becoming an Avon Representative to snag some or all of these deals of the day. Hey, no judgement zone here, lol… Shop away!

The dress is fun, flirty and flowy. All things I like when I shop for dresses. I certainly was not disappointed when I put on this dress and it fell into place on my body. Another point for Avon as I thought Avon you’ve done it again.

Avon is definitely true to their mission of improving the lives of women. Whether it’s providing an opportunity to take care of their family or providing them with the confidence to believe in themselves, I am always honored to be a part of it.

Well, I just wanted to share my new $5.99 steal of the day!

If you are interested in snagging these steals, visit and become an Avon Representative. My reference code: dariavinning. I would be happy to have you on Team Empire!

Bye-Bye for now…