Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Grace Happens

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I don’t understand the mystery of grace, only that it meets us where we are but does not leave us where it found us. ~ Ann Lamott

Definition of Grace: The freely given, unmerited favor and love of God. 

The woman featured spoke about several “Grace Happens” moments that have occurred in her life. She stated that, during her storms she received grace from God to see her through.

She could remember her husband having a bumper sticker with “Grace Happens” on it and that’s when she realized that during the course of her life those were the times that “Grace Happened” and she made it through.

She made the decision to look at her storms from a different perspective. One that continued her walk with God and caused her to lean on him during those times.

She shared some of her “Grace Happens” moments and that made me reflect on my own.

Her first, “Grace Happens” moment was when her parents divorced when she was eight years old. Even though she was merely a child, this change was difficult. She remember walking to church as a child to spend time with him. She also reflected on how that led her to have a deeper connection with him early on.

She would always say a prayer after her parents divorced that she hoped when she grow up that her marriage did not end in divorce.

When her parents divorced her mother packed her and her siblings up and moved backed to her mother’s hometown. She was always marred at the fact that when people looked at her that they always saw this little girl, whose mother was divorced.

She carried that burden with her all the way into adulthood. She mentioned, that while today it’s not uncommon that couple’s get divorced back then it was barely heard of. That caused her to carry this burden of feeling inadequate in the eyes of others.

Later on in life as she continued her walk with God, and grew into her spirituality “Grace Happens” occurred and the burden of feeling inadequate finally was uplifted from her shoulders.  

The second “Grace Happens” moment was when one of her daughters was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Thankfully it was detected in its early stages. She was able to take chemo and was eventually cured of the cancer. She shared with us that during that time all of her children came together and were supportive to their sister. A bad situation essentially brought everyone together.

The third “Grace Happens” moment was when The Holy Spirit led her to start a ministry group for parents that lost children to unexpected deaths. She stated that she was obedient in her calling and started this group of eight that has grown to about 35 people. While she has stepped down as the leader to fulfill other callings, she still prays and ministers with them.

The fourth “Grace Happens” moment occurred when a young African American woman had become pregnant with her second child. Knowing that she couldn’t take care of this child and provide the life that he deserved she decided to put him up for adoption. Prior to her daughter’s diagnosis with ovarian cancer, she had begun the adoption process but due to her health she to put the process on hold. After the cancer was cured she went back to her original plan of adoption. Her daughter was able to adopt this woman’s child. She name him Leo. She stated that Leo has been the best joy of their lives.

The last “Grace Happens” moment she mentioned that after all of these years praying that when she became older and got married that her marriage would not end in divorce has been answered. To date she has been married for 48 years. She stated that she and her husband are equally yoked and they have been committed to their marriage and see it work.

When I tell you, you could hear a pen drop in the room, you could. As this woman shared her journey of faith with all of us I could tell she touched each and every one of us. I know for sure she touched my heart and mind and that of my co-worker.

As I reflected on her “Grace Happens” moments walking back to work with my co-worker, I realized my grand girl Grace has definitely been one of my “Grace Happens” moments. My co-worker an older woman that I confide in sometimes said I can remember you being so upset about when your daughter told you she was pregnant. I said yes, you are right. She said it’s funny how things happen. It really made me think. Little did I know when my daughter told me I could name my grand girl and the Holy Spirit came to me and said name her Grace that she was my most precious “Grace Happens” moment. She has definitely been my saving grace during my storms these last two years.

Just seeing her sleep, laugh and watching her personality evolve has brought me so much joy. Never would I have ever imagined the love I carry for her could be so strong.

My co-worker mentioned you never know why things happen the way they do.

Without attending this faith-based luncheon and hearing this woman’s story I would have never in a million years looked at this scenario as I see it now. It has definitely opened my eyes and has me looking back over my life to see all of my “Grace Happens” moments.

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Can you look back over your life and see “Grace Happens” moments? If so, please share one.