Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Is It Time For Some "Me Time?"

Love-Yourself, "Me-Time" Nurture, Peace, Re-Energize, Self-Care, Self-Love, Facial, Massage

Sometimes you just need to disconnect and enjoy your own company. ~ Anonymous

Make yourself a priority once in a while. It’s not selfish. It’s Necessary.

Is it time for some ME time?

I would selfishly say “YES INDEED!”

Let’s face it we all need to be selfish and have our “ME TIME” that includes just me, myself and I!

I’m at a place in my life where having a moment of time for myself re-energizes my mind, body and soul.

With so much going on in our personal and professional lives, oh and let’s not forget around the world we have to admit that this time is most definitely needed.

Detaching from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives and occurrences allows us to release the toxins that somehow has seeped into our bodies.

Enjoying the beauty of life and all that it offers from time to time is a way to be appreciative of what we have been blessed with. Sometimes because of all the jibber and jabber we have from day to day we forget to enjoy the moments. Trust me, I know from experience it’s so easy to do. That is why I make sure I escape from time to time to re-energize. It’s a must for me.

Some people are excellent at recognizing when it’s time to detach from the world. Others, are not so lucky until it affects their health. And, this should not be. We all need to learn to listen to our bodies. It could be a life or death sentence.

When I mention “ME TIME,” it doesn’t have to be costly. I know for some people that is an issue. And, I completely understand. To be honest, it’s an issue for me now in my new role as a grandmother.

My “ME TIME” used to consist of, an elaborate trip. Now, regardless of what that time consist of I jump on it and enjoy it. As I’ve stated in previous post I have a new role of grand-motherhood so my time is not all mine anymore. With that I’ve had to find other alternatives to have my “me time.”

Here’s what I’ve come to know. Whether it’s a trip, or a short run to the store, any store, I take the time out to enjoy the moment to myself.

Some people have the misconception that to really enjoy your “ME TIME” that it has to be elaborate. And, although if I’m to be honest and that’s my goal, I was one of those people BUT because of my new role later in life, I enjoy anytime and anyplace that I can have to myself . For me, it’s as serious as going to the bathroom or taking a bath without those little feet (lol) busting into the bathroom either standing between my legs when I’m trying to have my moment or chunking something in the tub when I’m trying to enjoy my bath time. You know the bubble bath, eyes closed inhaling and exhaling thing. Yeah, that one.

In looking for alternate ways to enjoy my time, I’ve discovered a free yoga class that’s 30 minutes long on Sunday’s by the lake here in my home town. I’m always on the hunt on Facebook to see what we have going on in our town to see if it’s something I’m interesting in and can take advantage of.

In learning to find the various ways that I can escape to enjoy my “me time” I’ve come to be more appreciative of my time. A walk in the lake, a good book, a meditation class, a massage or a glass of wine is more valuable these days because it symbolizes my “ME TIME.”

Love-Yourself, "Me-Time" Nurture, Peace, Re-Energize, Self-Care, Self-Love, Facial, Massage

Hopefully by reading this post, you’ll find the time to out to care for yourself. As stated it doesn’t have to be elaborate. It just needs to be something that symbolizes YOU. Because, if we don’t nourish our own soul it is a known fact, no one else will.

Love-Yourself, "Me-Time" Nurture, Peace, Re-Energize, Self-Care, Self-Love, Facial, Massage

So, again, I ask the question, is it time for some “ME TIME?”

Let’s Chat:

What do you do that symbolizes your own special time?