Wednesday, April 5, 2017

What Lies Ahead?

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Faith tells me that no matter what lies ahead of me, God is already there! ~ Anonymous

When we choose to relinquish our burdens to God, we may wonder, what the road ahead will look like.

Have you had these thoughts before?

In my last post, “Surrendering Your Burdens to God,” I spoke about finally releasing all of my burdens to God.

Deciding to release your problems to God, should give us peace. But, now I’ve found myself, wondering what will the road ahead look like?

What test will I be met with, to see if I in fact, truly released my burdens unto to Him? 

The devil stays busy if we allow him too.

When I started having these thoughts right after I wrote, “Surrendering Your Burdens to God,” I immediately starting writing this post. I made the decision to write this question right on out of my mind. I will not be held in bondage to this question. Life is full of uncertainty, as it is. Therefore, I will not allow these thoughts or fear to hold me captive.

Writing for me is therapeutic and it has helped me to release feelings I’ve held onto in my adult life. It has truly helped me grow personally and professionally. As I’ve stated here, growing up, I was never in to writing in a journal. That’s why I was surprised when I created this blog. By me sharing bits and pieces of my world I’ve not only been able to help myself but, I’ve touched the lives of others. 

It has become a part of me. I enjoy sharing with others what I’m going through and the steps I’ve taken to conqueror through. That is why I took to my pen and paper, this go round when I started looking ahead in my life, by thinking, “what will lies ahead?”

I realized that was the devil trying to get in my head. Well, I know I surprised him when I just started pecking away at my computer and typing my feelings. He was trying to make me look into the future with fear and not enjoy my peace in the present.

I’m so happy I’m at a place that I recognize this and didn’t wallow in these thoughts long. It’s just another one of God’s grace and mercy that he’s equipped me with. Being able to decipher the devil’s manipulative games.

If you are in this journey with me of releasing your burdens to God, and have been met with uncertainty, find an outlet that will give you the peace you so readily deserve. Finding your strength during this time is important. Remember the devil comes to, “steal, and to kill and destroy, but God, I am come that they might have life and may have it abundantly.” John 10:10

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Have you found yourself wondering this question? Fearing the uncertainty?