Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Guardian Angel

My 1st post is dedicated to my grandmother Mabel Turnbull. I first inherited this plant on June 5, 2006, when we laid my grandmother to rest. First of all, let me give a disclaimer I do not have a green thumb. This plant I named Mabel and I have been through the storm. She's been transferred from pot to pot through the years but to no avail the tips would turn brown and die. The stems would turn yellow and become flimsy. She's barely been hanging on. Through the years, she's been in and outside of the house.  From sunlight to shade nothing seemed to work. I would often say Mabel you're a stubborn old thing, why are you not growing right. As long as Mabel didn't answer me back I was fine and as long as I didn't answer myself, that was even better. What's the saying, you can talk to yourself but as long as you don't answer yourself you are good. Well, let's just say I was alright, HA! Sometimes I was on the verge. I'm just keeping it real.  I would talk to Mabel when I was down and going through some stressful times in my life. I truly believe because I wasn't in a place of peace Mabel was reflecting that. It may sound crazy, but in my heart I truly believe this. For several years, I had been having ups and downs in my life with a particular situation. Today, I'm at a better place in my life, I'm at peace, I'm FREE and look above, so is Mabel. This is the most she's BLOSSOMED in 7 years, the same amount of time that I was stressed...When I noticed the other day that she was growing, I was completely shocked and totally convinced, that when I wasn't at peace, she wasn't either. A lot of times our moods or stress is projected into our enviroment. I was amazed to see the growth in Mabel as I grew... Mabel and I will continue to BLOSSOM together in the years to come!