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Avon's 5 Amazing Skincare Products that Have Changed My Life

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In polite society, a well-maintained skincare routine is one of life’s great successes. Violet Grey

I started selling Avon back in 1993. Back then, I was in love with Avon’s costume jewelry. Some might say I was a walking billboard for Avon. I literally had the majority of Avon’s fashionable jewelry in my jewelry box. This went on for about fourteen years.

Whether, it was for your grandmother, mother, aunt, niece, daughter, grandfather, son, father, and/or uncle Avon was sure to have something for everyone in every category.

Today, it’s no different. I recently started selling Avon again after a nine year break. What can I say? Avon, is true to my heart. This time I’m going crazy over Avon’s skin care products and of course, their fashion attire. 

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Now, that I’m older and very much into a skin care regimen, I’ve found that Avon definitely has the products for my needs.

As we become older, it is important that we more than ever incorporate a skincare regimen to keep our skin looking healthy and glowing. Everyone wants a youthful glow, right? Right!

Whether you have a normal to dry, normal/combination or an oily/combination skin type Avon has something for you.

I can remember back in my twenties a skincare regimen was the least of my concerns. I would use some Noxzema to clean my face and whatever type of lotion. I guess my mindset was as long as I’m cleaning my face, the products I used wasn’t as important. And, then of course, I was younger, so I wasn’t thinking long term.

Fast forward to today, of course because I am older and wiser, I know how important it is to maintain a routine skin care regimen. Not only to maintain one, but to also choose the right products for your skin type. That is why this time around, I’ve become more involved with Avon’s skin care products. By taking the time to find out what skin care products work better for my customers as well as myself, I am ensuring we both get the results that we would like to see.

Being consistent in a routine will most definitely yield the better result, if you are going for a much cleaner, healthier and glowing complexion.

Of course, overtime with age, what we use will change, but by starting to create a regimen for each phase we face, we can enjoy a complexion with perfection that will be with us for a lifelong time.

Let’s take a look at what Avon products that have me in awe at this stage of my life. Its 5 products that I have carefully chosen to keep my skin looking healthy, glowing and of course youthful looking. Hopefully, after reading this post, if you don’t already have a skin care regimen, you are motivated to start looking at products, from, of course, Avon to suite your needs.

1.       Avon’s Anew Cleansing Brush 
·         I love how this cleansing brush feels against my skin. Using my hand on the handle to move the brush in a circular motion cleansing each part of my face leaves my face feeling ultra clean. The bristles are soft and delicate enough not to cause friction in your face. It is definitely one of my most used products and one that I highly recommend.

Beauty, Avon, Skincare Routine, Anew Products, Anew Vitale, Anew cleaning brush, Anew Daily Scrub, Beauty Products,

2.        Anew Refining Daily Scrub
·         The Anew Cleansing Brush and the Anew Refining Daily Scrub goes hand in hand. It’s an awesome exfoliator, that’s why I love it so much. This particular product can be used with all skin types. Perfect for everyone!

Beauty, Avon, Skincare Routine, Anew Products, Anew Vitale, Anew cleaning brush, Anew Daily Scrub, Beauty Products,

3.       Anew Vitamin C Brightening Serum
·         Now, this product I was apprehensive with in the beginning. Why? I have no clue. But, now that I’ve been using it, I love it. My, how my views have changed. I guess, it goes back to me being younger and the mentality of having to use various products for a good clean result. There are some areas in my face around my mouth and chin that I am targeting with this product. It truly is an excellent treatment to use before you apply your moisturizer day and/or night.

Beauty, Avon, Skincare Routine, Anew Products, Anew Vitale, Anew cleaning brush, Anew Daily Scrub, Beauty Products,

4.       Anew Overnight Hydration Mask
·         This particular product I use at night only. It serves as a moisturizer after I’ve done my cleansing. I love that it replenishes lost moisture overnight.   

Beauty, Avon, Skincare Routine, Anew Products, Anew Vitale, Anew cleaning brush, Anew Daily Scrub, Beauty Products,

5.       Anew Vitale Revive Day Cream
·         This is the last product to my skin care regimen. I love how soft and smooth the texture is. It’s very light just perfect for your face. And, the added bonus is that it has SPF 25 for added protection for your skin. How awesome is that?

Beauty, Avon, Skincare Routine, Anew Products, Anew Vitale, Anew cleaning brush, Anew Daily Scrub, Beauty Products,

Of course I dib and dab with other facial products from Avon. Sometimes, I may have a zit, so I use a product that fits that need. Other times I may target those dark areas I was talking about above. It just depends on what my skin might be experiencing on any given day to determine what additional product that I may need.

Avon is always coming out with something new to help their representatives serve their customers. And, all of their facial products are dermatologist tested products. Awesome sauce. That’s why I love being an Avon Representative. Avon, has proven to be the best in direct sales and sells the most affordable beauty products offered. Their products have been featured in articles such as Essence, Redbook, Women’s Health, Allure, Star, People, Family Circle, Cosmo, the list goes on and on.  

With that said, you can go here  and browse this week’s newest brochure and look at all of the awesome sales that are being offered on Avon's facial products. If you would like to receive some samples from me, contact me here and send your name and address and I would gladly mail you some.

If you are interested in becoming an Avon Representative, you can go here and use code: dariavinning, to sign up. I will receive a notification and contact you, so that we can discuss your next step.

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